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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Jul 8, 2007 9:14 PM Flag

    Political thread...

    I hope you guys don't see this message as spamming the board, but being a long time poster here, I wanted to express a political view I am sure will appeal to a large percentage of you guys and hopefully inspire Americans to have renewed faith in the democratic system.

    What do you guys think about Ron Paul? Have you heard of him? He's a constitutionalist and one of, if not the only, republican steadfastly voting against the Iraq War in the House or Representatives. He offers a real change in Washington, a real change in American foreign policy, and revitalization for a nation parched by political, corporate, and media domination of common man.

    Below are Ron Paul's website and two links so that you can see his responses at the first two republican debates. Imo, Inspiring.

    I'm really excited about the prospects for the Ron Paul candidacy. He was just recently interviewed on THIS WEEK with George Stephanopholas and announced he has raised more money than John Mccain.

    I vote Democrat about 85% of the time, largely because the republicans tend to vote for dangerous militaristic, Project for a New American Century types as their presidential candidates. This time, I believe we have a choice for a true defender of individual rights. A leader who can once again make America an exciting marketplace of ideas. A leader who can roll back the recent developments regarding the consolidation, and subsequent domination of big media.

    Google Ron Paul - or follow this link.

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    • i tend to avoid politics, as teh candidates all seem to blend into one, churning out the same old turgid stuff swininging one way then the next dependent who there talking too. But this guy has got me excited about the next election. Heres a guy who is rational, speaks teh truth, and sticks to a common sense policy of real conservatism, not the psuedo christian right wing group we have in power right now. I got wind of this guy after seeing him on bill maher, I call myself a independent as i dont like to tie myself to one particular party, And have never voted in the past, but may vote next year if this guy gets enough support and is in the running, will be interesting if Al Gore throws his name into the hat last minute, not like he has to do any fund raising, as he invented the internet and all (tongue in cheek)

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