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  • carolledavebooks carolledavebooks Nov 19, 2007 3:14 PM Flag

    I don't care what traders are doing,...

    The fact that UUU has went from 2.5 times sales to .5 times sales because of currency fluctuations and European housing operations (soon to be offset by entry into Asian markets) is an overreaction.

    Sellers right now are selling into an environment of irrational fear, and patient traders who can wait a few quarters are to be rewarded.

    Universal has always been a very flexible operation and they will adjust their shipments and diversify their risk accordingly as problems (such as the recent ones cutting into margin) arise.

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    • Agreed. This selloff is overdone, and despite the fact that I own a lot of this stock, I'm buying more today. Of course (like all the long time holders on this stock) I wish I would have sold in the $30's, but even then I thought it was undervalued.

      At this price, it's trading below book value, and that's without fully valuing the HKJV. So the market has basically written any future earnings off. I doubt that to be the case. Remember that this company is still profitable. They are small and nimble, and can hopefully adjust quickly to market conditions. My one wish (that has already been stated) is that management would give us more updates on what is going on. Why not give the shareholders the plan of action? Why not buy some stock at these prices??? Give the investors some confidence! That said, I've been invested in this company long enough to know that management's lack of communication isn't going to change anytime soon. At these prices though, I'm willing to take the gamble that things will turn around soon. Good luck longs---


    • I agree completely with the substance of your post. You would think they lost .50 or more from the ridiculous dumping of the stock.

      What is the basis for your statement that UUU is soon to enter Asian markets. I have read this before, and hope it is correct, but I would like to hear from you or anyone precisely what was said, when, by whom, etc. that makes you believe this will actually happen. Any details of the plan -- which countries, timing, etc. would be appreciated.

    • I don't know if you guys are familiar with the story of Jonah in the bible. But I feel like him right now. Everything I say and so is doomed, so I'm going to leave this board and stop making wrong predictions.

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