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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley Jan 7, 2009 7:25 AM Flag

    Fellow UUU investors, worth looking into.

    Hey guys,

    I know we've exchanged ideas about the prospects for UUU's business over the last few years, and since I really enjoy this board, I thought I'd hand a few undervalued gems to look into.


    > PE of 4

    > Cash and Receivables at 85% of market cap

    > Anticipated growth of 100% going forward

    > PEG of .03


    > Trading at significantly under cash levels

    > up to 20% of shares to be bought back

    > won recent lawsuit vs. imitation product, imitation product was stealing market shares by mimicking brand name and top product seriously, but ephemerally, eroding sales. Now sales will return closer to normal and with 13 products going through approval process very likely to be buttressed strongly by a growing pipeline of herbal medicines.

    GRO -

    > Trading at 60% of cash
    > Buying Back Shares
    > Agriculture/Commodity Play
    > Down because of forced selling


    > Market Cap of 3-4
    > PEG of .1
    > negatively, they issued warrants recently diluting shares rougly 8%.


    > This is very important - EFUT offers software licences for free for the first year to win loyalty and prove brand superiority for their enterprise software. They signed a bunch of contracts last year, and they've spent upfront money that has yet to be realized in revenue or profits. In 2009, margins are going to explode, and growth should continue indefinitely at eye-popping percentages. The potential here is near limitless from current prices.


    > Made 200% on this stock last year

    > Check out its website,, for a very detailed description of company operations and proof of legitimacy.

    > Growth of 50%

    > PE of 4.5

    > PEG of .09

    > Chinese company with globally competitive wastewater treatment facilities and environmental cleanup. Breaks down waste into components and resells valuable resources from recovery.

    And of course


    > China, Japan, Fans, under 1/3 book value, has global footprint through HKJV, projected forward PE of 3-4. Enterprise value next to nil if you take into account UUU's share of cash in HKJV of around 5 million and likely reduction of inventory in Q4 into cash partly used to buffer the balance sheet and partly used to continue the up to 4% buyback.

    Has anybody bothered to look at the HKJV balance sheet? This company holds property in China as well as significant amounts of HK dollars.

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    • MMM,

      Interesting companies, thank you for posting. I looked at them and thought Feed looked potentially the most attractive next to, of course, UUU which I think is near a lock for a major move higher. Obviously you are taken with Chinese companies.

      My favorite stock other than UUU is AMS which I posted on in response to another message. I'll repost what I wrote earlier below and am more convinced than ever on the merits of the stock which combines deep value with a compelling growth story which should start this year. It went up today, but tends to be thin and volatile so if you like it bid below the market and wait for them to come to you.

      "(AMS) It is in the business of providing advanced radiology equipment to hospitals. The stock is near its all time low at $1.08. Cash flow per share is about $2 and they have cash in the bank of another $2. So its trading at 1/2 of cash and .5 of cash flow. Their debt is primarily recourse to their individual equipment only and is non-recourse to the company. All that suggests how cheap it is, but the hidden value is this. They own near 6% of a private company called Still River Systems. Still River is installing its first Proton Beam Radiation Therapy Machine now and will obtain FDA 510 clearance shortly. PBRT systems as they are called are the creme de la creme treatment for certain cancers but cost 150 million or more and thus there are only 5 in the U.S and they are jammed with business. Still River whose technology is out of MIT has developed a machine that will retail for 20 million and is several years ahead of any competition. AMS has contracts to sell three of their first machines to MD Anderson and Tufts NEMC among them and is clearly going to be a major player in what will be a very high growth business. The PBRT business is many times more lucrative than AMS's current gamma knife business. I could see $4 in cash flow per share within a couple years. AMS stake in Still River which hardly anyone realizes they own is today likely worth more than AMS whole current market value with no regard for any of their current business, balance sheet or distributor position. Paul Volcker and the Vice Chairman of Johnson and Johnson are on Still Rivers board which should suggest a lot. The head of AMS is on the board of Johns Hopkins. There is major major firepower involved here and the best prospects for upside i've ever seen in a $1 stock. I am looking for double digits sometime in 2010 and this could be a 20 bagger. If I am wrong about it all you are still buying it at .5 of current cash flow. Company just announced they are rebuying 500k shares on their last conference call and a director just bought shares last week. "

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      • I'm a little confused about the AMS/Still River stuff. The system that Still River is installing now in St. Louis is being started before it has FDA approval? And it's not an AMS contract? But AMS has three contracts to sell Still River systems to other medical centers? I guess I just don't understand how AMS fits in to the Still River systems installations. Will AMS get its own revenue from the installation of these systems or will it only be through their 6% ownership of Still River?

        Thanks for bringing AMS to my attention, it definitely looks interesting.

        - Matt

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