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  • braveheart12970 braveheart12970 Mar 4, 2009 3:40 PM Flag

    this just in...

    Obama considering putting into law that carbon dioxide alarms and fire alarms be mandatory for all homes in the u.s. Gov't contract?

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    • I don't see that anywhere? Can you post a link or name a source?

      I know there is pending legislation in Colorado. Anyway, now I think there are about 12-13 states which have introduced and/or passed legislation by now requiring CO2 alarms in all new residential construction. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm lazy to go figure it out right now, but It was 8 or 9 a few years ago. Some metro areas of some states have legislated it, but I don't think some of those metro rules apply statewide in some instances.


      I will be buying 2000-4000 shares in the next two weeks at any price under 4$. I say that because I know everybody else is too scared to buy anyway and what I say probably won't be believed. I daytraded CMED yesterday and sold today. I made a nice chunk. I can buy a few hundred shares of UUU with that cash. The other way I'll be able to fund my purchase is that my personal business has never been stronger - which shows you that those with creativity and ingenuity can do ok in all economic conditions.

      I'm just a 25 year old schmuck/small business owner with a half-decent online business, but I think my recurring UUU purchases at these levels could make me a 35 year old schmuck/retiree. My time horizon is 20 years or so, and at this moment and looking forward UUU appears solvent and likely to stay that way. And as long as they can stay that way, this company will recover in a major way.

      Is that 10,000 block still sitting there at 3.40? I think that block is owned by Advisory Research Partners who are just about through selling... and BTW they are selling a lot more than they are buying - at least per there last quarterly statements where their number of sold off positions was dramatically higher than the positions they built.


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