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  • mmmparsley mmmparsley May 12, 2009 1:59 AM Flag

    JII, PSOF, how much did you buy?

    Can't wait for earnings announcement from AMS...

    I expect an update on Still River System highlights for the 1st quarter. It would seem any news coming is much more likely to be positive than negative - and that when this company captures just a second of America's attention span through a positive PR - we shoot up similar to PSOF's move today. Right now there is little to no movement here, but most of my major winners over time have had these long spells of lethargic PPS movement before they break out to the upside in dramatic fashion.

    I continue to add to AMS as I sell excess inventory in my home business and turn it into cash. I was also heavily buying PSOF until today. Now I'll just sit on my pretty sizeable position there.

    I'm still not buying UUU at these levels and actually sold 1000 shares last week on the early morning spike just to trim my overweighted position. That being said, it's still a steal here. It may move lower though, because I expect the long wait for 4th quarter earnings to climax in disappointment (for the 4th quarter only). I believe 1st and 2nd quarter may be disappointing as well, compared to our more optimistic projections, but that UUU will find an earnings base there with future growth over the next 10-15 years. Why? (Populations rising, new home units are being built at unsustainably low levels long term) When earnings base, and I think it's highly likely to be sooner rather than later (30-40% likelihood they already have), we will enjoy the most enviable of exponential growth in the years ahead.

    I sold 1/20 of my position because I wanted to move funds to EFUT, as the recent drop to below 9 is a gift. The last earnings release was about as positive as they come. Not included in the earnings report are revenues from and The potential for both of these websites is enormous - and my personal valuation puts these two off-balance sheet intangibles at a value well north of EFUT's current market cap.

    There are whispers that the CEO believes alone may soon be worth 40x the current market. The website is gathering a ton of steam in daily visits and is quickly picking up web traffic (as a percentage of total users) vs. is picking up web traffic at exponential rates, but still isn't a major B2B linking service as of yet. But geez, it was JUST launched and has increased web traffic 40 fold in the last few months.

    EFUT also is heavily owned by insiders, like PSOF. They are also similar by being in the business of making inefficient Chinese business operations more efficient.


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