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  • johnstoncityavon johnstoncityavon Jun 26, 2014 12:08 PM Flag


    I would like to know what people think on this board.

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    • johnstoncityavon;
      Earning for 2Q have just been released. So the question now becomes; "what do You think about AI's future?"

    • AI's future has been written several times before...Drops to near or below $26, maybe $25.50 Buy some and watch earnings the end of July or early August. If dividends appear secure buy on margin, use the kids savings, borrow from you in-laws or whatever it takes and hold 'til $28. I have been selling been selling just before ex-div because some times the price immediately drops below where it should. However the ;last couple of ex-div days the price has hung around where it should be. There is considerable advantage to hold through ex-div to get the qualified dividend. In any event I will sell around ex-div date use the cash for another short tern, maybe EFC, and repeat the process. Look at the chart. In March they tie the ex-div date with a secondary offering...use your own judgment on that.
      The guys on the AGNC board used to have an acronym BATSAT..."buy at twenty eight sell at thirty". Same principal applies here.
      Good luck

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • It is a scam, see below

    • I have owned AI since August and am pleased....I believe AI has a very bright future...Strong mgmt. team..Strong balance sheet ....Trades below book value....Diversified in their investments...Int. rates low...Great - secured dividend.......Would like to see investors get on board AI because of these reasons and not just the dividends....ALWAYS runs up before ex-div. date and then sells off...I am a believer!! WHAT do you think???

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      • 3 Replies to securities318
      • Purchased in Jan 2013 ~23/share. Doubled down Feb 2015 ~25/sh.. Letting it drip. The added annual dividends for the drip are more than most people's raises in a year... Building a fairly hefty annual dividend stream for retirement.

        Any drop back to the 25 area and I will be buying again.

        Lunco, the qualified dividend is a nice bonus.

        This is holding up much better than it has the last couple ex-div dates.

      • securities318
        I have written many times on this MB that with AI having 12.78% yield, selling as at a significant discount to BV, comfortably covering it's dividend, and paying a qualified dividend, what's there not to like?
        AI did pretty well today, (EX-dividend) and I believe that as more investors become familiar with it that it will trade at lease 10% higher than it is trading today. But if it doesn't, I still happy with the dividend, the tax treatment, the discount to BV and with the company.

      • Thank you. My family has been in this stock since 3/13, and I am glad to see someone is out there who is not just hyping a stock analysis website.

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