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  • Synthetic, Your lack of knowledge regarding wireless technology
    and CVUS's competition is astounding.

    There is essentially no difference between 28gh and 38ghz, and
    the differences that do exist will eventually be compensated
    for by advancing radio technology.

    WCII has been providing telephone service (local, long distance
    thru resale, and isp, and in 98 will provide ATM & Frame Relay)
    in NYC for 18 long months. CVUS just figured out that they are
    in the wrong market and finally decided to enter the phone

    Teligent, at 24ghz is ~18months behind WCII in providing phone
    svc (but light years ahead of CVUS) but has raised almost $1 billion to roll out a national company and will eventually be

    ARTT (Advanced Radio Telecom) has risen from $7 to 14 in the last 2 months, because the spectrum they own (38ghz) dwarfs the
    spectrum that CVUS controls. ARTT at $14 ($250 mil market cap)is still undervalued because they own as much spectrum (approximately) as Teligent (~$1.5 billion mkt cap)but don't have the management and have'nt articulated a coherent business plan (sound familiar???????).

    Broaden your horizons and you may learn something, rather than being a (weak) cheerleader for a deeply flawed company.