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  • alibis101 alibis101 Dec 7, 2003 3:58 PM Flag

    Two Years

    Dear Reader,

    I have been posting on this site for two years now. I have been posting to vent the anger and bitterness caused by years of mistreatment at Jones Lang LaSalle.

    Some of my posts in parts read as goobledygook. Frankly, I was pissed when I wrote them. Sorry.

    I make no apologies however for the general tone of my posts. JLL do not recognise respect when it stares them in the face. JLL do not take an interest in colleagues' work. One director told me to steer clear of the minutia which was the very work that his department was undertaking. Hardly a boost for self esteem.

    JLL has become a disjointed fragmented impersonal place with a suppresive management system that expects employees to act as sponges for its mistakes whilst creaming off rewards due to others. It has also become clear that directors have tried to blame staff for mistakes made at director level and above. Other matters are becoming clearer every day.

    The management is also suppresive in that it will not listen to genuine employee negative feedback. The management just can't take it because of an arrogant attitude.

    Apart from poor financial performance since the 1998 buy out of Jones Lang Wootton the management system has become a shambles.

    My two years' "venting" so far is just the start.

    Thank you for reading.

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    • OldGuy, I regret you have been misled; we understand Smith was most ineffective of late.

    • Two years is far too long for you to spend in the abject misery and wretchedness you describe.

      The reality is that in your current mindset you do not appear to fit in the dynamic modern culture JLL has created. It being close to the new year you might contemplate three resolutions to rescue you from your pitiful condition:

      1) This year I will be accountable for my own future and cease blaming JLL for my faults.

      2) This year I will cease wasting time posting criticisms of my employer and instead unceasingly employ my time to further my career at the powerhouse which is the new JLL.

      3) This year I will seek to become a role model JLL employee, conscientiously devoting my energy and talent to the furtherance of JLL's business strategy.

      Good luck in 2004.

    • I am certain that many of us understand and agree with what you have said over the past two years. JLL is a terrible company to work for. It is also a great company to work for. I have my own story to tell.

      I was promoted (big note about me sent out to a rediculously huge distribution list), obtained a good employee review and was canned within a two month time period.

      It's my opinion that the very senior person I reported to did not have the back bone to do the right thing when called to act up ethically and responsibly. I have come to learn through this message board that this behavior is the norm.

      You would probably do well to leave the company if you can. However, I know times are tough. The more senior you are, the more difficult jobs are to secure.

      Even if you do leave, I have a feeling that you will continue to harness some pain for a while, regardless if you make more money or have more flexibility in your new position. Funny how things turn out. If you are good at what you do, things tend to work about better all the way around.

      JLL is an ugly organization in terms of ethical behavior. The leaders don�t even make logical decisions. They tout the culture as being simimiar to a big 5 firm. Not even close. I came from the big 5.

      Nowadays I check this message board every month or so. I would like to see something positive. I�m trying to remember all the good stuff about my time with JLL. Lots of good, smart and hardworking people. However, when I visit, I must confess, it gives me great pleasure to know that I am now in a very, very good place!

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      • Dear Go2it2003,

        Far from me to judge. If I would I'd say you make a good point. And a good post.

        I'm happy for you that you are now contented and that you have the insight to view the broader picture of JLL within the industry and not the JLL spin which now seems to be the norm and the accepted.

        My pain is long past. I would have left if I hadn't been persuaded that I would be promoted. So I stayed and lost probably two years if not more. I worked hard, but who doesn't. The pain finished when I was told I would be promoted. The after effects from then are rather more distasteful. Not being arrogant here but you can't imagine (I hope for your sake).

        I am interested to learn which big 5 you refer to. Accountancy? Law? Real Estate at JLL has become an industry which is why it is a production line. It is no longer a skill or a profession. Routines, processes and checklists. Clients are faced with machines and if they're not, then the employee is breaking the rules of the company.

        I would also like to see something positive. But I can never accept something positive from a faceless corporate built on my human misery.

    • You should look for employment @ The US Post Office. Your rambling have now qualified you for all the latest benfits. Get a clue

      Live live taste death

      Life is only what YOU make of it. Quit blaming everyone for your misery.

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