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  • templargrp2 templargrp2 Feb 12, 2008 8:03 AM Flag

    what's the best way to buy this stock?

    Thanks in advance.

    I would like to purchase this stock ( as well as 3 others that trade on the pink sheets)

    I have Scottrade. Does anyone out there have Scottrade as well? Anyone have advice on the best way to get this stock into a portfolio? I called my local Scottrade office. They advised me the best way to do it was thru them- to buy on the pink sheets, or I could buy it (for the proper commissions, etc) on the Toronto exchange and own the canadian stock itself. Thoughts?

    Plus I see from trying to track these stocks thru my Scottrader elite account that these stocks dont move much.
    Am i right in saything that these stocks move very little over the course of a day and week??

    These PK stocks are so thinly traded I was not to sure which would be the best route. I have bought and sold many stocks over the years, but this would be the first time I am involved with a pink sheet stock.

    All kind and honest replies are appreciated.

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    • The pink sheets for Westshore are very thinly traded, while the Toronto exchange trades over 100,000 units per day. I am not sure if Canadian taxes are taken out of the pink sheet dividends, since they are not ADR's. I use Fidelity, so will contact them to ask about that. There is currency risk in buying on the Toronto exchange when sold and reconverted to U.S. dollars.

    • Up 53.10% in one year. Purchased thru Fidelity on the pink sheets not counting dividends. Get on board with this winner.

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      • Anyone with current (Jan 09) views on Westshore's coal shipping prospects going forward with the present world wide 'recession' (depression?)? The Asian countries that buy the coal from Canadian mines are also experiencing economic downturns. From my research, it looks like Westshore will lose its Trust status in 2012. The Canadian government has stopped conversions by corporations to Trusts due to tax losses to Revenue Canada. Any other views would be appreciated.

    • the pink sheet listing is just a proxy for the TSX this?....go somewhere else...the dividend is taxed in Canada at claim that tax on your 1040 as a either want to be an investor in Westshore or not ..

      etrade has a Global acc' can buy directly on the tsx & 5 other foreign exchanges

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