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  • runlong_1999 runlong_1999 Feb 17, 2000 5:38 PM Flag

    Earning # confirmed.. SmithBarney

    I have spent the afternoon reading the last 50+
    posts as everyone is scrambling to figure out why the
    stock is tanking. I'm sorry if this will sound
    condescending...but is there anyone out there that does any investing
    based on disciplined, objective, unbiased analysis? Or
    do you all, long or short, base your decisions on
    nothing but hype and hope? SCMR to $300! No! SCMR to

    The stock is not down because of the follow on
    offering. The stock is not down because people are seeing
    <.01> rather than +.01 (and by the way, as I am an
    accountant, the +.01 is indeed the number we should be
    looking at; the deferred comp amortization is just a
    non-cash, non-economic charge required under GAAP -
    generally accepted accounting principles).

    The stock
    is simply down because WE THE MARKET had already
    factored in perfection into the earnings. It is that
    simple boys and girls. The earnings runup already
    happened...$100 to $130. Over the last few days we drove the
    value up in anticipation of +.01. Now that we got
    it...ho idea please.

    I sold my SCMR
    today at $128.50 and made a great profit. The company
    is great. The industry is great. I am not short nor
    will I ever short a stock. But the reality was, this
    stock was going to fall. I will be a buyer of this
    stock again in the very near future. If you held this
    stock, relax. You'll make money in the long run and this
    drop will be nothing but a blip on the long term
    chart. Shorts may have their days once in awhile but
    will never make anywhere near what the longs will over
    time. They are paddling upstream without a paddle, or
    even a boat for that matter.

    Let's try a group
    exercise here...take a deep breath...and relax. And now
    some advice: I am not some great market guru, but I am
    rational and keep an objective, clear head. In the market
    environment today, that is more valuable than anything. I
    recommend that 90% of the posters on this board give it a

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