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  • pirate_trader_2000 pirate_trader_2000 May 26, 2000 12:00 PM Flag

    zuyuanrae...learn to formulate an

    intelligible sentence then post....Was that
    Chinese Mandarin you were speaking in?

    Sorry you
    can't deal with this market correction/bear funny how the newbies are whining...remember and
    learn something from this experience....When the nasdaq
    runs up like it did and you begin to see signs of fed
    becoming more agressive and emerging signs of
    inflation...wage inflation...etc....take some chips off the
    table....Markets NEVER rally in a rising rate

    Good Luck

    Pirate Trader

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    • My greed lingers as I wait for next week! I feel
      Friday could be a problem - nimble as a deer I'll surely
      be!! LOL.

      The state of the economy will
      continue to be a matter of interesting debate for a couple
      of months. More Feds have reiterated their cautious
      approach to declaring victory over inflation. I agree the
      market will rebound with a vengence when things
      straighten out - and internet/tech stocks will lead the
      pack. Nothing better than investing in good companies
      and watching the investments grow. But then
      volatility keeps the adrenalin flowing. It makes one a smart
      and thinking person too.

      I agree this is the
      time to accumulate promising stocks on significant
      dips. I am eagerly working on this.

      No, I don't
      visit any ECON sites. I read news papers and magazines
      to stay in touch with the latest. I have a
      background in banking.

      Good luck.

    • Save you profits buy back from 80 hate to see you
      lose all the way back to 62 where I got in last
      time...THINK RIDE THE CASH DOWN...and buy back at lower
      levels...after LOCKUP EXPIRES AND FED INCREASE seen at meeting
      last night Fed board member stated 1/2 point rise is
      in the works...

      Make mine a double bartender
      please..very dry

    • overwhelming greed...LOL....BUT You better be
      VERY nimble on those short positions. I do feel that
      the worst is over for markets....but still believe
      that <<<IF>>> economy shows
      continuing robust growth, markets will sell-off and then
      wallow away over FED/inflation fears. Markets staged a
      nice rally/rebound last week on benign econ data but
      are wallowing again this week on FED issues. PPi on
      fri. I very much agree with your perspective.....maybe
      cause I am cautiously uncertain as to the markets
      direction. We both know that the econ data will dictate
      where we go from here...
      Markets did try and rally
      though last week and if anything comes in benign or flat
      let's say then we are likely to atleast attempt to
      rally. Personally I feel the worst is over for the
      markets....that doesn't however mean that we don't wallow away
      for a few months till things clear up. The only
      rational explation I can come up with for your short
      position is that you strongly believe that we have a ways
      to go on our battle with fed/inflation fears and
      that further scary signs will cause a market
      sell-off....<<<<<DO you have any good ECON web sites that get into
      discussions on FED policy and inflation???>>>> I
      am basically NEUTRAL at the moment and I do agree
      with your fed statement and your post. I am looking
      hard for SIGNS of a slow down to get the edge on any
      future rally's. It will also be interesting to see how
      historic summer tech stock weakness plays out...perhaps we
      are working that out now..nasdaq has been quite
      bearish. Let's hope we get out of this mini-bear and
      resume the bull rally....only a matter of time IMHO the
      internet/technology revolution isn't going away any time soon and the
      BULL market will resume...I say accumulate NOW for the
      rally which likely will come towards the end of summer
      and rocket in the fall/winter 2000/2001.

      Luck on those short I said you should
      be very nimble with those...

      Pirate Trader

    • on the economy:

      "On Tuesday, a U.S.
      central bank official reignited fears of further interest
      rate rises by suggesting it was premature for the U.S.
      Federal Reserve to declare victory on its war on
      inflation. San Francisco Federal Reserve President Robert
      Parry said one month's data indicating a cooling in the
      economy was insufficient evidence."

      I see bearish
      outlook for the market until we receive a series of
      benign data suggesting sustained cooling in the

      Covered some in pre-market. Still short with overwhelming

      Good luck.

    • You can find all the lockup info you need on It shows when the expiration date is and how many
      shares. It also shows how stocks react when expiration
      draws near, the day of the expiration and a few days
      after. Very interesting----take a look.

    • wishful thinking....are you smoking something...

    • Do you think the institutions invested at syc are going to demonstrate to Shir that this is a bad marriage and a weak stock?

      Syc could explode on this news.

      You are an UU.

    • thanks

    • Oh baby! SCMR is going down hard today, very hard! Can't wait to cover at 55 - ROCKO

    • the Lock up expires preserve your capital now and buy back @ 89 why lose 15 points when you can put it into profits...down we go

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