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  • rtylinski Feb 1, 2010 4:18 PM Flag

    With an 8 % divvy should I buy more?

    Can't wait for 4th qtr eranings report to see operating income.

    Anyone know other good paying divvy stocks.

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    • PGN 6.40%
      NRGY 7.70
      ED 5.40
      KFT 4.20
      MO 6.80
      EPD 7.30
      SXL 6.30
      ARLP 7.80
      CLMT 9.10
      PCU 2.70
      SPH 7.10
      LLY 5.60
      BMY 5.30
      T 6.60
      VZ 6.50

      Best of luck to you.

    • You were just complaining and wanting to dump your shares cause UVE stopped paying a .80 dividend that they never paid in first your asking if you should buy more?? I have been an investor for 16 short years and one thing that I know cost me money at first was being trigger happy. by year 2 a cpl losses that I soon watched turn to black in short time had I just hung around a cpl months I soon realized either I should quit investing myself and get a brooker or dicipline myself to hold unless I knew bad news or earnings were coming. this has helped me have 15 happy years of investing and last year had I just got in I would have lost my ass!!! for one instance I bought a bunch of sirius sat radio at 2.00 thinking the merger would run it to $5 several years ago I would have dumped it when it hit 1 and took a 50% loss...Now what I did is not for faint of heart and is NOT what I would recomend to most...but I held and when it bottomed at .06 I bought a shit ton...for those not familiar with this unit of meassurment it is a bit more then an anyhow I bought and bought all the way up to .11 then happily dumped it all at .60 with a healthy return. another was MCG Cap ticker MCGC I was in at 10.00 they slashed divvy to zero and I watched my investment PPS drop to .60 I figured like SIRI I had lost all basically so I added an assload as I thought it was a broken stock not a broken company..they were doing all right things to hang on...and hang on they were while big names like AIG were loosing their ass. so I jumped in head first bought all the way back up to 1.10 and dumped at 4.60 I now just bought back in on dips at 4.20 I believe it is a 10 stock and when they reinstate there divvy this diamond in rough will gain rapidly.....I am now adding position and will through the 5.50 range...back to story line on stock this board is about..I buy constantly on dips to 5.50 on uve and buy up to 6.00 I think UVE is an easy 8.00 stock as more annylyst pick up just as everyone gets on board and the price gets up I will dump all my initial money in and capture a slight profit and then let the rest ride and pay a divvy to me...just look at the compound divvy calculator...if a big IF this company stays strong and pays strong over long haul...(30 years) a small 8K investment will pay well in later years and supplement any retirement nicely...if it goes belly up well I have pulled my money and some profit already so I can not be I never count profit as profit until profit is taken...this saying that if that 8k turns to 150K it isnt anything lossed as it was never gained or mine to beging the 20K I use to buy this stock with out of pocket is actual money and is a gain and or you follow me??

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