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  • mad_thomas mad_thomas Apr 29, 2013 1:10 PM Flag


    IDTI looks like one of the worst stocks in which one could be invested. What a disaster of a company. Why the P/E move just...somewhere into the hundreds? It's going to zero or whatever it's cash....$2.00. The CEO's rambling about cost-cutting...there is nothing to spin. Up 30% since last July? Why? Bail!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • This and other losers are bashing IDTI again.
      Said he never made a buck on the stock.

      I don't know anyone who owns tech stocks who doesn't make money from options.
      Techs are high beta stocks, by nature volatile which makes them attractive for option plays.
      in this lousy economy, were it not for my option income...

      Only idiots who DON"T believe in the management of a company
      BUY and HOLD the stock
      Does this make sense to ANYONE???
      If you don't understand tech, don't invest in tech.

      Mad Loser, stop bashing a great company under great management.
      IDTI needs time to shine in this #$%$ economy courtesy Obama.

      Stop blaming a great company for your own stupidity.
      Don't like it, sell.
      Move on already.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • not aware that IDTI was about to break out 2 years ago.
      it was still in turnaround, most of the new products have not
      gone into test orders.
      can't blame the company's timeline if you bought early.
      someone wrote about this a while ago.
      semi conductor start ups and turnaround average 5-7 years
      you can't buy it 3 years in and expect it to break immediately.
      starboard bought around the 4th year, they know something we don't?

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      • 1 Reply to adamrowski
      • You two look so foolish. Noone (!) has ever made money investing at any time in IDTI. Did you get that? Only those in management and on the board who have exercised their options on the backs of losing investors have made money in IDTI. Investors have only lost their #$%$ for thirteen years on IDTI. Argue those facts and I invite anyone to pull up the chart. Now, this is the miracle year and time? 2014? Pathetic. You're both hacks paid by the company to monitor social media comments and earn about what...300 rupees a month? About $30/mo.? I'm outta here. Talk to you in the Fall. Have fun again tomorrow, too....just like yesterday. Paul's +23% lie went to +18% lie in a hurry, huh?

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • i've always said that people who don't believe in the direction
      of a company, should not invest in the company.
      a quick look will show you the plethora of new award-winning products.
      the economy is dragging sales so what else is new?
      IDTI is about to take off but people like mad Thomas should
      definitely sell.
      sell and don't poison the water for others who know the industry.

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      • 1 Reply to adamrowski
      • I bought IDTI about two yrs ago because it was about to "take off" it was "breaking out" and I paid just under 8 bucks a share. I have had plenty of time to average down but for what? I waited 2 yrs for the "take off". Two yrs may not be long term enough for some of you but thinking of where the money could have been and can still go means its time to get out.

        Sentiment: Sell

    • mad-man,

      "Cost-Cutting is the ONLY way any of the reporting companies are making their estimates. There are only a few that have any Top-Line growth. Time is the answer for this recession to go away...just sell this if you have no faith.

      Good Luck...and go buy Costco;)


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