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  • happyorcl happyorcl Mar 4, 2011 4:25 PM Flag

    Seriously - Has any one here made on drug approval news in the past. down 20K on drug stocks.

    hope hgsi is different.

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    • That's why you play FDA events with an options strategy. If you are long stock, buy puts to protect any downside. In my case, I do not own stock. I play a stangle. Either the call or put expires worthless upon the decision because of the large movement in price, but the one that remains makes far and above the loss of the other. So, approved or rejected I make money.

    • DNDN and AVNR for me in the last year. I don't hold stocks for FDA approval very often ... I have to be incredibly confident. I am holding HGSI like I held DNDN and AVNR. Hopefully I'll make it 3 for 3 on FDA decisions.

    • Yes,I bought Intermune at ten,sold it at 43.

      I thought I was lucky when I got out,when drug wasnt approved in USA.I should have bought more

      It was approved in Eu.

      But it is a crap shoot on bio.

      I like ICO,TGB,Apri,I am trying to be more diversified..

    • AVNR 100%, DEPO 90%, CLDA 500% options, PLX 10% ASTM 50%. Ive made a ton and lost a ton, I started with 18K took it fast to $60K now at $35K and it went from $60K to $35 in TWO WEEKS!!!!!!!! It seems to go down much faster than up, ever since making money on CLDA and taking it to $60K ive been hit on every trade EVERY Trade...If I sell then thats the one thats up but the one I buy tanks, like OPTR, NEOP, can make some really good money with bios, but you can get crushed faster if yor not diligent. This thing that stinks with bios are the stocks can be sooo easily manipulated by large funds or those acting can place a stop on a typical stock, you do it on a bio, they run it down 40% take you out with everyone else and run it up 100%+ like with AVNR, POZN and others...your either in or out cuz if you try to place a stop you get robbed and if your wrong you get crushed....LOL

    • yes- clda
      lost- dcth
      yes- dndn
      i hope this ends up in the yes column...