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  • r.0ck3t r.0ck3t Aug 12, 2011 9:34 AM Flag

    Why would this stock rise LONG TERM if the drug doesnt work?


    Short term its possible to see a rise as the Victims rush to try the drug. But since we already know it doesnt work for almost anyone, why would the profits rise Long Term? In fact, wouldnt they see the largest profits in the first year or so and then a massive drop in profits?

    im not sure you guys understand this stock. It has nowhere to go but down. The sales are at the peak and will only fall as the drug fails on over 90% of patients.

    what are you guys thinking? seriously, you shouldnt be investing your own money.. this is why you lost about 65% in a year...

    you guys need to put what you have left in a bank and just be happy with what you have.

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