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  • vs1234gs vs1234gs Sep 12, 2011 10:46 AM Flag

    Added 50% more.

    I think we very close to bottom. My average down to 13.4 It will interesting what happen from here.

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    • Look like my last buy which is largest Buy todate is at Bottom(11.1) Perfect timing. I hope I able to repeat that.

      FYI I am at Breakeven now.
      I am going to make thousands for every dollar rise now.
      Will sell 10% for every dollar rise.

      BTW: Today I sold 10% for $13.5 ( Not good sell as I know HGSI will be at least 15-16 range soon. Might actually go to 17-18 also. But my HGSI holding now account for 30% of portfolio and so need to diversify.)

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      • Thought to share my trading so far in HGSI. Here is detail on my trade.

        Price Share
        27 100 On Approval
        19 100
        16.5 400 Added due to short put at 17.
        13.15 400
        12.1 700
        11.08 900
        Total share 2600
        Average price is 13.42.
        I sold 300 share yesterday at 13.5 just to reduce % of overall holding as it reach 30%+. Planning to sell another 400 at 14.5 and another 600 at 16. Then hold for atleast about 6 month. We will have clear picture on Benlysta. Ofcourse will be adding more if it go lower. Follow me. Right now is good time initiate position if you not in yet. Good risk reward profile.