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  • Dean4614 Dean4614 Jan 5, 2012 11:33 AM Flag

    question is this a reaction to DNDN or insiders know something

    any thought?

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    • Maybe both. We're oversold, we're a potential buyout candidate and we have a drug candidate with sales potential as good (or better) than DNDN.

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      • I think HGSI's potential patient base far exceeds DNDN. In addition, with trials in a lower dose form of Benlysta we could really see an increase. Then there are off-label possibilities for Benlysta.

        To that add the fact that Dendreon's Provenge cost is about $75K whereas Benlysta is half that. Also Provenge is custom made for each patient, whereas, Benlysta is manufactured in bulk.

        So I would say the sales potential for Benlysta could far exceed DNDN's Provenge.

    • been quiet too long, should here something soon, big money coming in, oversold big time!

    • Dendreon went up for the following reason. "It reported better than expected sales of its prostate cancer therapy Provenge. Dendreon attributed the boost to improved insurance reimbursement for the product, noting that the average reimbursement period for prescribing physicians had dropped to less than 30 days."

      This was all due to the "Q" reimbursement code a number of months ago to DNDN. HGSI will be issued a "Q" reimbursement code this month. See the similarities!

      HGSI will also see a boost in sales once the "Q" code reimbursements kick in. Once that happens a HGSI reports improved sales just like DNDN, you will see HGSI go up at least $3 a share if not more.

      So to answer your question HGSI's gains today are directly related to DNDN because we will have the same reaction once the expanded reimbursement code starts being submitted for payment.

    • HGSI is oversold bigtime. MMs play as per day basis. Some people have started to cover but still 26,000,000 to go.