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  • azelfage azelfage May 9, 2012 8:27 AM Flag

    HGSI bad strategy

    I think HGSI managed the GSK bid very badly.
    Main reason was probably listening too much to the investment benker's advice.
    To make money, bankers probably told them that there will sure be other bidders.
    But we know that there probably won't.
    Instead of going public with the news, they should have just negotiated a deal. I mean talk to your major shareholders, learn their absolute minimum sale price and then go and see if GSK wants to pay that. Job done.
    Now they have a weaker hand because nobody else is bidding.

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    • Typo silly but I love you any ol way. Kisses and hugs Clarice. By the way, how did you know what I mean? Love ya.

    • NO one here knows if there's NOT another bid looming. It's all speculation. It COULD be that Witty has decided to do things this way, because he got wind, that someone else COULD be interested and that's put him into panic mode. This proves that GSK will go to any lengths to scoup up HGSI-good or bad, they're willing to FIGHT hard for HGSI. They want HGSI, but don't want to fork out the premium that HGSI and their shareholders demand.

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      • Who cares if another bids for this or doesn't---HGSI is just fine with the status quo! They are not like DNDN and a one drug wonder---they got a lot out there to advance!

        If ya own a house, don't have to move, why sell your 400K house for 250K? Because some dumb Brit with a lagging pharma wants to steal it?

        Walk away Witty! I simply go right back to my strategy employed since 7.50---selectively add below 10.00, Bene sales will increase or not, I will get Syncria data, later Dara data, Watkins will likely start the P3 indication trials for more PR and advancement of Bene, later SQ data---who give a rats tail what GSK wants! partnership doesn't entitle them to everything their way!

        Make the deal lucrative, make it so, or make it on down the road Witty! I got a boot to help ya along!

        If institutions want to sell at this price, then I cash out and find another bio---period! There is no reason for HGSI shareholders to feel they are in some dire desperate situation here and you can't let short term PPS manipulation shake the longer term prospects here that exist. Because HGSI are not desperate!



    • U are so uninformed.Have a lot of experience in negotiating takeovers,do you?Do u wonder why gsk didnt walk away .There here to buy and now their looking for weeklings like u to spread doubts qnd do their work for them and force a cheap sale,or are y.ou a gsk stockholder?

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      • Actually, you're the one whose I'll informed. The original poter is correct. The play was to push GSK on the price privately and negotiate a merger agreement with them with a "go shop" provision. This would have set a floor for the stock, eliminating the threat that GSK could walk.

      • it is probably not the right time to discuss this: the story is not over and emotions are running high.
        but i disagree with your personal attack: i am a pharma business development professional (worked both on client side and advisory).
        my argument holds: if a white knight does not show up, they will be at a weaker negotiating position. that is the risk they have taken.
        GSK is one step ahead; they waited for a while and now that there are no other bids they are pushing forward with their low ball offer.
        I was holding 20k shares and sold near $15.