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  • h_g_s_i May 18, 2012 9:24 PM Flag

    let me just ask this: Have ANY of you tried Xanax XR?

    Im not talking about Xanax.... Im talking about XANAX XR...

    there is a MASSIVE difference between regular XANAX and XANAX XR...

    Folks , they will tell you that the only difference is that the XR is time released while the regular Xanax is immediate..

    You have to listen to me... you have to trust me.... the Xanax XR is an entirely different animal... the regular crap pils never worked for me.. but this EXTENDED RELEASE crap... i mean... are you kidding me? I dont need to or want to drink or smoke weed or anything. Its like its brought out my inner genius that I was suppressing with everything else...

    do you have any idea how smart and creative i am? do you even have the slightest idea? i dont think i even knew what level of genius i was at until now.

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