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  • jjg196369 jjg196369 May 23, 2012 11:32 AM Flag

    Will there be arrests this AFternoon?

    Knock knock.....

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    • I'll stick with the Beef and Broccoli---

      But, JJG, may have a T-Bone steak, with JoJo potatoes. He uses a king size mop to slather on the BBQ sauce--YUM, I think I'll go to JJG's house for dinner instead.

    • h_g_s_i May 24, 2012 12:12 PM Flag

      then you get the basil chicken... i told them basil chicken with broccoli... nothing else. ... seriously though, ill get the garlic chicken for myself.

      garlic chicken and broccoli... thats for me me.... grow up and exp-and your tastes to basil chicken. both are equally good ... maybe consider tyring something you dont usually try... maybe you would like that so much better than your usual losers.

    • LOL Rocket--14 strollers? OMG, I can just picture a clown running down the road with 14 strollers filled with animals--I would love to see that........

      Nice try on getting my address---but I like the garlic chicken.

      PS, I'm not a dude LOL It's Ms. Bling

    • h_g_s_i May 24, 2012 11:52 AM Flag

      excuse me , sir.... but i have several strollers for my animals... i have 2 double decker strollers and a larger dog sized stroller... not to mention 6 separate $149 pet strollers that can easily hold 2 cats or 1 dog each...

      in total , i have well over 14 pet strollers...

      what kind of thai food do you like? im ordering you the basil chicken and garlic chicken , just to be safe... both with white rice and the egg roll...

      dude, i dont even like egg rolls but these are amazing...

      what is your address?

    • h_g_s_i May 23, 2012 3:29 PM Flag

      One of my neighbors just pulled into my driveway in a car ive never seen before, with a man ive never seen before and she got out, knocked on my door and handed me bags of Panara and Chabaso bread.
      If they think they are going to hide a bug or video camera inside that bread they have another thing coming. I have already figured out that the bread (probably the rolls) obviously has tracking devices implanted in them so when I eat them , they can follow my every move.
      I know one thing for sure, this isnt the end of this. If they want to play hardball IM GOING TO PLAY HARD.

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      • h_g_s_i May 24, 2012 10:26 AM Flag

        it was the rolls.... the Chabasa rolls. I tested them on on a kid in the neighborhood yesterday and im not joking at all.. this is no joke.. its in the newspapers today.. the kid ran from the cops yesterday and they tazered him.. I could not be more serious.. if i could link you to the article , i would do that but then you guys would know where i live.

        I promise you the kid ate 3 of the rolls i gave him with some polish sandwich meat and stuff... i swear top god , 4 hours later there was at least 8 cop cars on my street and he ran and got tazered..

        if you think im kidding , im not. they took him into custody and hes gone now. i dont know what happened but it had to be the rolls. im telling you... and if the cops are reading this , then you guys got played like fools. you guys are stupid.