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  • h_g_s_i Jun 1, 2012 11:46 PM Flag

    but , did ROCKET call destruction at $34.49

    on april 13th 2010.... and then call every single move after that? considering april 13th 2010 was his first post here at $34.49.... and considering he called EVERY SINGLE move up or down since that exact moment.... im wondering who questions him...

    does someone want to see some reposts? does someone want to see the $24 to $6.51 reposts? does someone want to see any other reposts of exact calls to the minute/second? all in real time , of course....

    and who exactly is this person asking for the reposts?

    it doesnt matter! i love to repost my calls! is anyone asking for them?

    remember, im a Schizo/Aspergers insane person.... ANYONE ASKING FOR SOME REPOSTS? any calls at all? CALLS OF PERFECTION...... any questioners?

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    • ROCKETT! My fakked up bro,! How you bain, maan? We all need a ggod laugh And there you come along asking to repost you predictions back to the future! I love it!

      you forget bro'! I asked! And will ask agsin, if only to humour you! I wanna see them..all a them predictionx after the fact, they are spot on! Show 'em disbelievers on your vision and your hindsight..that will shut them up! Hear hear people!


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      • h_g_s_i Jun 2, 2012 12:11 AM Flag

        john, im not from your''i-m crew.... i really dont know what you are talking about... but 1 thing is for sure , if you ever come face to face with my people your face wont be known by your own mother..... they wouldnt even let your mother see your face after you met a few americans.... they might hold up pictures of you in your memory.... but your face wouldnt even exist...

        trust me , im american... we just eliminate the faces of people like you.... look it up... look on wickipedia or whatever...

        mukkksli;;;;ms just get smashed.