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  • thewest thewest Sep 16, 2001 8:49 PM Flag

    UAL and AMR totally failed us!!

    Don't you get it?!!? They failed us completely!! They are responsible for not doing their jobs - which resulted in the deaths of over five thousand people. THATS 5000 PEOPLE WHO HAVE FAMILIES AND HELP RUN OUR ECONOMY. THE AIRLINES FAILED US, TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY!!


    Does anyone disagree with me?

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    • I think every rational, sane person disagrees with you. My sense is if you are in a room with 2 people you are not the most intellectually competent person in the room � probably something you�ve been saddled with since birth � you moron�

    • You make it sound like they intentionally supplied these means, yet you wonder why people think you are such a scumbag?

      This was an act of war! No one comprehended that anything like this could ever happen. Don't you know those pilots would have fought to the death (some may have) if they knew what was about to happen? Where were you or anyone else one week ago to warn us all about this? The breakdown here is an Intelligence breakdown. There have been reports that even recently, Israeli Intelligence had put us on notice that something of this magnitude was about to happen.

      Just go crawl back in your hole, a-hole.

    • Half the people on this board must be pilots and stewardesses.

      In any case, you cannot escape the fact that these airlines supplied both the explosives and the delivery mechanisms to these terrorists, who were free to coordinate their attack at will.

      Why are so many of you manufacturing excuses for this and calling me an ignorant low life for refusing to let UAL and AMR escape their passive complicity in this?

      Well, despite your excuses, I believe that you will find that regulation will make a comeback. I hope without the bailout....

    • Sympathy to all who have losses , God bless our NYFD/NYPD especially.

      I Think those carriers who can survive this
      set back. Certain ones will come back very strong, as security is improved and we arrest more in this country. Confidence will be restored more then ever, cheap tickets and air line price wars will be gone. Maybe even frequent flyer miles.( albeit not initally).

      UAL is in good position.


    • on these boards don't have a clue as to what's going on. If anyone is to blame the FAA must accept the responsibility for the security failures. Try living in Hawaii with no airline service. We will have fish just to stay alive. Good luck to us all. My sympathies to all families.

    • Hey, United7772000, you're getting a bit agressive here, don't you think?

      All the airlines and the FAA have proven is that air transport, as it was commonly believed for many years prior to deregulation, is a public good.

      The only thing that has changed since deregulation is that the airlines now spend a tremendous amount of money on managing their passenger data to squeeze more $$$ out of us: useless mileage programs that provide dubious benefits, if any, to those like myself who fly thousands of miles per year.

      Picture yourself on one of those hijacked flights and I doubt that you'll spend much more energy defending deregulation.

      It's a failed policy. Let's go back to a set of policies and procedures that worked fine for years. Regulate airlines' profits, policies and procedures and you will have a higher level of security. It's that simple.

      When the airlines start talking about policies and procedures and FAA responsibility, watch out. This is their only ray of hope and the last thread to cling to for some kind of self-justification.

      Personally, after quite a lot of airline travel in the previous year, I can tell you that the only thing that airline policies and procedures have done for me is to raise the price of my travel, an extraordinary amount of inconvenience at the cost of common sense.


      You want some hard evidence? That's what you want? I present 4 airplanes, 2 hours, 5000+ dead or missing. You want to bail out this ethically deprived industry? Guarantee their debt out of your own wallet - not mine.

    • This thread has done no more then show the ignorance of most of you. I'll admit some of you may be great at picking stocks, but you are simply ignorant of airlines, their procedures, and their responsibilities. (no I don't mean your upgrades) Let me spell out the facts, and what the procedures and rules were. (although I doubt many of u care to actually know the truth, you'd rather have someone to easily point the blame at, that is after all the American way)
      Terrorist comes up to buy one way tkt at counter. The idiots say "why wasn't he profiled. this is outrageous!" I submit he WAS profiled. Agents don't profile, the computer does. Why? Because the FAA felt check in agents weren't qualified to do it, and instituted a passenger profiling system. Ok, said terrorist is selected by the computer as a risk....... marks his checked luggage as such. Rest assured his checked luggage will not make it on board with him. HMMM does this help? The FAA says it is what the airlines have to do. We have just ensured no bomb will board without the passenger. Has the profiling worked, or is the FAA's mandated policy to leniant? You be the judge.
      Ok, said terrorist heads for the checkpoint. Put's bag thru x-ray. Hmmm boxcutter, couple razor blades. Guy has a small pocket knife he dumps into tray. Gaurd looks..... yup.... less then 4 inches.... just like they taught in training...... has to be more then 4 inches to be a threat. It must be so, for, after all, the FAA says so.
      Has the airline broken any rules? Has the airline complied with all FAA security Directives?? YES! Did they fail us..... no. The FAA failed us. But, it's far more in vouge to blame airlines for anything. After all, they lost ur bag last year, they must be evil accomplices. You people need to quit talking out of your assholes, do some research, learn some facts that don't come from CNN's (
      As for the left wing fool who suggested re-regulation, and boycotting ual/amr stock... well, buy some passes on amtrak. All majors will be out of business in 3months without help. Look at their cash burn. Oh, BTW, while you're buying your passes on Amtrak, ask them what government regulation has done for their profitibility. I doubt they will even recognize the word.
      Of course, as I said earlier, these are just facts, why would you idiots want to cloud the issue with the truth.

    • You're wrong thewest, UAL & AMR are victims of this horrible event as we all are. A week ago passengers wanted to arrive a half hour before departure and walk right on the plane. Any carrier that implemented any serious security measures that inconvenienced customers would have seen the customers go elsewhere,

      As far as what happened in the air goes, this was totally unlike any hijacking anyone has seen in the past, both in the number of attackers involved and in their resolve to commit suicide to accomplish their goal.

      UAL and AMR were probably selected because of the fuel load on board for transcontinental flight and the timing of their departures. My guess is the results would have been the same no matter which airline was attacked.

      I understand your anger, we are all angry, but direct your anger where it belongs; at the people who planned and carried out this attack, not the victims.

      • 1 Reply to foggedin94019
      • Fog,

        Unfortunately, you are wrong. Both UAL and AMR (with other "major" airlines) determined acceptable levels of security based on what THEY deemed was acceptable to the flying public. I do not recall being asked if 3 inane questions from the check-in attendent and a $7.00/hour cursory inspection (without a lock on the flight deck) was acceptable to me.

        Give it up. The airlines failed us, and are passive accomplises as any responsible person can see.

        If only they had left the security part to the government reguarlators. Well you can bet they will from now on....

    • They have been for years. Boy, let me fly a plane, pick my ass and sleep for most of the trip, call the union boss to help plan our next strike, screw a few stewardess's on each leg, and call the union boss again to plan our next strike for a few years from now. All in one little 5 hour flight. Take the next seven days off because I was on duty for a 18 hr shift, only worked seven hours though. Let them go down.

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