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  • deep_thoughts_by_al_loser_gore deep_thoughts_by_al_loser_gore Dec 16, 2002 9:57 PM Flag


    If you are not productive, its off to the Soylent Green processing plant!

    And you are saying this is a bad thing?

    "the poor, the
    handicapped, the sick, etc...if you aren't
    contributing the profits, you're out. "

    Then you better start explaining that huge chunk of the federal budget devoted to Social Security, Medicare and other assorted social programs.

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    • I'm saying this is the road we're heading down. Why do you think they want to privatize Social Security. Raiding our 401ks wasn't enough for them. They want us to pump our social security into the same companies who's ceos are walking away w/ it all. The whole system is corrupt and once again they're attempting to fix it w/ bandaids, because they really don't want to fix it. They have too much to lose, namely their power, and all the priveledges that go w/ it.

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      • Fuckin' idiot, liberal trash. They don't want to privatize anything. Just put a mere 2% in the hands of the taxpayers so they can invest on their own. Is that asking too much, fuck the govt, it's my money, and I'm sick and tired of paying for all of these illegitimate spics and spades. Give 'em all a one way ticket to where they belong, on UAL of course!

      • I would love to have control of MY OWN Social Security money rather than have it fund the biggest Ponzi scheme ever devised by man! Let people have a CHOICE. You can leave it with Uncle Sam or control it yourself.

        Social Security is NOT fixable other than by cutting benefits or doubling or tripling taxes. Anyone who thinks it is fixable without doing those things knows nothing about the demographic profile of America in the middle of this century. People living past 100 years in record number will bankrupt the system sooner than most people think.

        Actually with stock prices so low, it is one of the best times to start putting money into the market by selecting companies with the best balance sheets that make real products, not those fly by night internets, Worldcons and Enwrongs.

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