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  • ratfacedtrash ratfacedtrash Jan 14, 2013 10:37 PM Flag

    who would fly


    this #$%$ airline. Flight an hour late from houston to dullus. Then waiting for buffalo connection at dullus waited an hour past departure, was told the plane was waitnig for a first officer and flight attendant. Then suddenly flight was cancelled and told it was weather related, fog at dullus although no other flights departing were cancelled. All passengers were herded to customer service desks to make another connection. waited 2 hours to see rep, was told earliest flight was at noon next day to CLEVELAND then Buffalo. Had to book hotel for night, $200 accomadation and food cost to me. Arrived next day Buffalo 5pm but luggage didnt arrive with me. Was told my luggage would arrive an hour later on another flight so like an idiot I waited. What a surprise no luggage on the flight so I gave up, made a lost luggage claim and went home. No apology, no offer of anything. and their motto is "we'll go that xtra mile and a half for you". What a joke this airline is. Suggestion to UAL, saunter over to Southwest and learn something about running an airline.

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    • Who, with an IQ over 1, would read a post from a screen name like that? No credibility. You know how many people UAL transfers daily? Over 5K flights per day. Your flight was an aberration. As for your disgust? If I believed you (which I don't) then you have my sympathy. It's anything but a perfect world today.

    • what you experienced was the sop for all us airlines. the current airline idustry motto. screw with the passengers, lie to them, overcharge them for everyone. then tell them it all your fault.the next thing you know when you clear the security check point, on your way to the boarding gate. you will be charged a fee, to walk in a secured area.

    • "Suggestion to UAL, saunter over to Southwest and learn something about running an airline."

      Running an airline is not their forte for certain and I'm wondering if it's even their desire. There's a Lawyer in charge who was hired for legal council and was never intended to actually run the company, a COO that has completely failed in every metric at the original UAL but kept his job at the new UAL, and a culpable BOD who continues to believe the Lawyer. It's so stereotypical that it would be humorous if it weren't for the fact that I'm right in the middle of it. As an employee I can only say I'm sorry for your experience, but don't expect it to be better in the short term.

    • Een there so many times. I feel for you brother. Keep working had and trust UAL will not improve but your life will!

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