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  • artsbest artsbest Jun 17, 2013 11:28 AM Flag

    What a crock

    Traders using this excuse to raise oil prices and stymie airlines today. All in the name of a fast buck and NOTHING is being done about this ruse trading BS.

    Brent crude oil rose above $106 per barrel on Monday as a superpower standoff over the Syrian civil war intensified, raising the risk of conflict spilling into the Middle East oil producing region.

    But worries over bulging inventories and soft global demand forecasts offset supply concerns.

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    • Yes very true. Commodity prices will kill the economy.

    • Mr. Best, I am not an ex UAL employee. I lived in Chicago, for 33 years. I always flew UAL. I have seen the problems first hand, Res System, on flights where CAL, told the passangers the were the old CAL, crew. The number of flights reduced out of PDX, where I now live. I Currently when I fly, I choose ASA, LUV and LCC. At least these airlines appreciate my flying with them. I do own stock in UAL. If share holders lucky, may be one of these day, they will be worth a lot more. Thank you, for your reply.

    • Some of the UAL sell-off today might be a result of the Smisek WSJ interview over the weekend, with Smisek saying 2012 was a mess for the company, when he was telling all of us things were rosey and getting better the back half of the year. Investors might be learning what he says publicly, might not be the truth. It's hard to invest in someone who can't be trusted. Plus I'm sure his comments about not wanting to run the company as an airline, but as a business are a little alarming too. I know I'm wondering if he's trying to run it as a fast food restaurant, bank, gas station, insurance company or retail store. Knowing the answer to that is how we'll know as investors and customers what can be expected and how we'll be treated. That will be important.

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