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  • hookfree2000 hookfree2000 Sep 10, 2003 11:49 PM Flag


    Your oblivious mindset and figure pointing toward management are part of nature of many jetpilots. Paid low by industry ave????? Are you kidding me? When you started there, were you one of the highest paid and they then changed it????? or is the case you came in on a similare pay scale and have remained there, but because you see peers making more money, and you see some solid bottom line performance---you feel you are entitled to more $.

    Fortunately for those of us holding long positions, the pilots do not run this airline. When they do, rest assured my bet will not be long.

    History speaks----easy to find excuses.

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    • I can't figure out what you mean sometimes.

      Do you mean obvious or oblivious?

      Do you mean figure pointing of finger pointing?

      When I started here I was paid the lowest of any airline pilots I knew.But we were here to build an airline.We had stock, and options and profit sharing.Our low upfront costs(wages) were going to subsidize the growth of the airline, and we would get ours up front later, along with reaping the rewards of the stock valuation.

      Things went south when we got too big for our britches and took our eye off the road.Coupled with the invasion of Kuwait, high fuel prices, and low demand, our futures went right out the tailpipes of those 747's.

      Now, after all that we have been trying to get a contract for over three years.It gets interrupted by 9-11, etc.Fair wages are similar to fuel prices and other costs incurred by the airline.If you are investing in this airline solely because the employees are paid less than others ayou are making a bad investment decision.You would be better off putting your money into LUV where the employees are allowed to be more productive and used in a wiser manner, or maybe at JetBlue, where the employees are still in the honeymoon phase, and their management at least goes through the motions of making them feel valued and proves it by the compensation plans and work rules.

      Until you have walked in our shoes, and wore a few pair out, you don't know what is going on at AWA.