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  • hookfree2000 hookfree2000 Sep 11, 2003 1:37 AM Flag


    Each post seems to be finished with a comment about what you deserve and why you deserve it. I recognize you have battled on behalf of the company and have contributed to its success, but I also feel that stakeholder value should drive the decisions of management.

    As far as investment in concerned----do you propose putting a cap on upside? There is only one reason for a public equity to be traded---and that is to add liquidity to shareholders position. The only way a public equity remains liquid to constantly increase shareholder value and to have that increase reflected by an increasing stock price. Desire to own the stock creates buying pressure, allowing market makers to drive the price in the proper direction. When employees yearn to begin to dictate fair value for my investment, that is the day buy side pressure leaves the equation.

    I do sympathize with the turmoil of the non-contract and if I wore the shoes of the pilots I may have negative feelings about my compensation, however, rather than bash management and anyone who disagrees----I would take responsibility for my employment compensation as seek out a management team that I felt recognized the value of my contribution.

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    • A cap on the upside? No, I would hope this company grows and grows and so does the value.

      I have made many proposals to increase the value of this company.(You see, you and I really do want the same for this airline.Continued growth and prosperity.)

      The current argument about increased RJ flying is an example.Many employees feel the Mesa product has less quality than AWA.An 84 seat plane paid for on basically a cost plus program will generate far less revenue than an A-319.
      Gates sitting idle in faraway stations could be used more efficiently.
      The entire argument about employee compensation includes concerns about the increased costs of high turnover and low employee morale.

      We limit ourselves by staying in low yielding leisure markets, and by having allowed our service reputation in recent past to descend so far as to drive away the frequent business flyers we seek out.

      The upside limits will be determined by how many seats we can put out there and fill at a profitable RASM, its that simple.My example was that there are mathmatical equations to determine that.

      If we truly have found a winning combination of price, service, quality and frequency, then we can expand at will.Getting all the employees singing from the same sheet of music is going to be difficult if the union contracts cannot be finalized in short order.That is the challenge AWA must meet and take care of.