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  • acts_111_231_111 acts_111_231_111 May 11, 2004 9:09 PM Flag

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    Tell that to all of the lower and middle class people who this gas increase(tax) affects. Thanks to the moron in the white house, this problem was not addressed sufficiently.

    Bush can't even lead in Iraq so who expects him to be a leader on the energy problem in this country. He was too concerned on protecting his oil buddies and auto manufacturers. He will definitely lose the election but the average person will be the one to suffer. Bush has to go and soon!

    How I wish we had an Abe Lincoln type as our president. He addressed and solved national crises instead of pandering to others. What a novel approach!

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    • >>>Tell that to all of the lower and middle class people who this gas increase(tax) affects.<<<

      They vote democratic, they vote against business, they vote against development.

      They vote for the 'bozone' policies of the democrats. They are getting what they voted for.

      California in particular is getting hit again, last time it was their idiotic laws on wholesale electricity markets that cost them.

      These folks deserve the results of their energy 'policy'.

      Maybe they will do price controls next and insure there will be no gasoline for them to purchase at all. It is a tactic they like, anti-business, anti-market.

    • The "moron"in the white house is but one of many "morons" who have led us to the promised land of dollar devaluation. Everything is getting more expensive:

      [this from the prudentbear website]:

      "The ugly side of inflation has become apparent � ice cream prices are going higher. Thanks to an unhappy coincidence of political turmoil, natural disasters, and old fashioned fluctuations in the dairy biz, ice cream makers are stuck with higher bills for milk, vanilla and cocoa. According to news reports, a pint of Ben & Jerry's will soon cost 8% more, the biggest hike in a quarter-century. Klondike bars will cost 10 cents more per �multipack.� And don�t forget the new higher cost of idling at the drive-through."