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  • cpitch928 cpitch928 May 12, 2011 11:25 AM Flag


    explode...get NO respect..................

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    • IF the only thing LONGS can HANG THEIR HAT ON is a 'buy out', THEN we are in trouble plenty............

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      • i dont believe longs are "hanging their hats" on a buy out, or saying our only hope is a buy out.

        when companies look to aquire other companies, what do they look for?

        first and foremost, a company that is signifcantly undervalued.
        then they want want a company that also has a good and increasing revenue stream, with solid or increasing margins, and strong and growing customer base.

        because the stock price of RBCN is sooo undervalued,,,,,im sure this is coming up on alot of radar screens because of that.

        the problem here is, is that the stock price is so undervalued, that i believe the board would not except any offer below $45 per share and its rare for a company to pay an 80% premium for a company.

        if that were the case and management would not consider anything under 45, then the case of a buy out would be more likely when the stock price would get above 27 - 28.

        hey the stock price here is sooo beaten up, longs like myself will take anything good right now, short squeeze, buy out, couple of good days, a non negative day, a really good sandwich down at the corner


      • davidleez May 13, 2011 10:39 AM Flag

        Cpitch, I wouldn't be overly pessimistic. The buyout should be over $30, a number that retail longs can't break.

    • I have been doing my own investing for 35 years. I've seen so many examples of bad management it isn't even funny. Incompetence, dishonesty, greed, you name it. I don't see any of that here, if your patient you will get the return you are looking for. If you want a return today go buy silver and you may get it.

    • thats one of the things you think is wrong with management? your kidding right?

      let me see,,,,,without R&D would Rubicon have the 4, 6 , 8 and 12 inch wafer???????

      without R&D would Rubicon be doing slicing and polishing in malaysia?????

      without R&D would Rubicon be way ahead of their competition?????

      where were you when they decided to open a facility in malaysia???? were you bit#$in about that also?????

      you dont even know what the R&D is for....and your compaining. if Rubicon wants a presence in India,,,,well im all for it.

      management has made excellent decisions so far,,,,so who am i to say this is just not another great decision.

      Rubicon has stayed way ahead of the game because of their R&D, stayed way ahead of the competition, continue to innovate and are considered the leader of their industry.

      considering the growth of Rubicon compared to a year ago,,,,,,if they want to use my money for R&D in India,,,,,,,well they have my vote.

      you try running this company and lets see how you do,,,,,,,,my bet is that you couldnt run it 1/8 as good as the team thats in place.

      unless you can do better,,,which you cant,,,,,quit your complaining,,,,we dont need you posting 5 times all with the same message.......

      what your saying is ridiculous and thats why no one is responding to your posts concerning this topic.

      i find it so funny that you would complain like this when you dont even know what the research and development is for.......

      just take a deep breath and go to your happy place for a while.


    • You did not hear about the R&N center in India. To do What? RBCN' Raja.

    • i really liked what i heard from the CFO.

      i dont think the conference will have any immediate effect on the stock price and do not think it effects the process of the shorts.

      right now the shorts main concern should be a buy out. they are entering a very slippery slope if wanting to keep the price depressed. at this point the price has been down too long which RBCN is now being viewed as significantly undervalued,,,,,which is what companys look for when searching for an aquisition.


    • davidleez May 12, 2011 12:24 PM Flag

      A reflection on the efforts of mgmt.

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      • just a reminder "david",,,,,its not management keeping the stock price down its the shorts.

        management is doing far and above an awesome job.

        dont think for a minute that management doesnt realize what the shorts are doing to their market cap, as briefly mentioned by the CFO during the Jefferies presentation.

        the management feels as much of the frustration as us shareholders do. this is all Wall Street induced not company.

        if you read over the last 5 earnings reports, listened to the conference calls and the Jefferies presentation, then you would know they are just tearing it up right now.


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