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  • hal_rubel hal_rubel Nov 28, 2012 3:31 PM Flag

    NeverWet - First Consumer Product May 2010 – The Clear-n-Clean Plunger

    Ross Nanotechnology Corporation Introduces the NeverWet™ Coating on its First Consumer Product – The Clear-n-Clean Toilet Plunger

    Lancaster, PA (PRWEB) May 4, 2010

    "Ross Nanotechnology Corporation presents NeverWet™, a new line of consumer products created with their patent-pending Nanotech coating that repels water. Its first product is the Clear-n-Clean Plunger. Unlike traditional plungers, the Clear-n-Clean Plunger is superhydrophobic – it never gets wet, and it repels virtually all germs and bacteria from its surface."

    MY COMMENT: Old news, yes. ButI wonder now how this superhydrophobic coating product has worked out for them financially? (Other potential product water repellent applications seem to be on the verge of market introduction the end of this December.)

    COMMENTS INVITED: I am also wondering if superhydrophobic coatings could have anti-icing buildup related usefulness in aviation and utility line applications. (Are we shortsighted to limit our interest in such a product as just Apple iPhone application?)

    I hope our patent position is secure judging from the recent spate of patent brawling in the headlines these days.

    Best Wishes, Hal

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    • This is the list from HZO's website:

      lSmart Phones
      Cellular phones
      Tablet computers
      Solid state laptops
      Emergency response phones
      GPS devices
      Entertainment devices
      Gaming devices
      Solar panels
      Automotive circuitry
      Desktop electronics
      Industrial applications
      Medical equipment
      Stationary communication equipment

      and I'm sure it will grow. Notice the "Aerospace" industry. I wonder how far along Ross Nanotech is with coating electronics? I'm sure some coniving lawyer will be on the lookout for any patent infringement.

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