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  • pdlenter pdlenter Jan 24, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

    My latest thesis

    Shorts will begin to exit on Apple drop. The man who knew the Wells refi was coming now knows ZAGG will report good earnings - maybe a beat. He has moles at the company so he puts these goofy posts on the thread which represent the actions of his trading chat room. With the good news on earnings he believes the stock can be pushed through resistance. If enough of the guys in his chat room move together I think they will succeed.

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    • I notice that it is taking bigger blocks of sells to bring the PPS down and very small buys take it back up. Not sure what the MM's are trying to do (or the shorts) but this will have to go higher to get any real volume IMHO.
      Any thoughts looking at Level II?

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      • 1 Reply to visxlaserman
      • The post $AAPL beat down of $ZAGG today is rather illogical. Most of the selling in our view is given the technical break (drop below the support trend line defined by the close of 11/19 and 1/15 log scale), but we see them closing above this line this week on the back of the new Tech Data Corporation deal.

        Our read is this as a classic bullish throwback test to the prior resistance line (defined by close on 9/25 and 12/18). Not worried unless it breaks the $7 mark or the prior converted support trend line (defined by 7/30 and 12/18). If we get two consecutive closes over the bull flag resistance line (defined by 12/13 and 1/7), it should be off the the races

        $ZAGG is the US market leader in the mobile after market and strives to be device agnostic. They are just starting there international expansion, so the investments are being made, but the rev growth potential is there.

        If your thesis is a move from $AAPL to a different device, it suggest more, not less purchases of $ZAGG products. Also, $AAPL is one of the very few retail settings where $ZAGG products are not yet the market share of $AAPL is falling, it means customers are moving towards (not away from) settings where $ZAGG products are sold.

        We agree with the recent JPM overweight call, and liked the CFO's confidence for earning guidance and plan as discussed at this week's Nine conf call. So we are buying on the dips.

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    • Was waiting for this. I did not think the numbers for AAPL were bad as it was a short Q by a week. I would have missed a run up if the numbers were blow away numbers so I guess I am happy as I have been able to get a bunch of ZAGG shares at 7.48-7.50.
      Will hold these through earnings......Good luck to all longs!

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