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  • bears_bulls2007 bears_bulls2007 May 6, 2013 1:16 PM Flag

    Clas Action comming soon

    that is it for me guys... i took an $80K haircut this thing is headed to 3.50 shorts continuing to drive price down... i will be joing the class action as this gets organized... mgmt is horrible we now understand why the Director left just ahead of the earnings call ... dont see anything positive here anytime soon. You can go baclk to some of past post where i had indicated that shorts at this magnatude were very seldom wrong and I even stated i beleived in this case they were wrong... once again it proves that shorts at the levels are seldom wrong... congrats to the shorts for sticking it out... good luck to you longs you will need it

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    • I want in on that law suit!!!! No info form the company to trade with any intelegance. NONE!!.
      My bad for cost averaging a larger position than I should have for this type of company. Thanks for the Tax write off for the next 8 years!!!

    • thats your fault friend. When it all comes down to it, this company sells phone cases. why would you invest that much money in this company? In fact, I'd be interested to know how you even accumulated that much money in the first place if you were stupid enough to think this was such a sure investment. I own Zagg at 5 as of Friday, it composes about 3% of my overall portfolio and if it dropped another 20% id lose no sleep. That is how you should invest in risky companies. Please read a book or two before investing anymore money in the market.

      Infact, you don't even need to a buy a book, Warren Buffet gives free advice in the form of letters or interviews that you can access for free on the internet. There is no excuse for sustaining a loss that large on a company like this. Class action? You gambled and lost. So who is at fault besides you. Double down and hope for a pop.

    • Lol. I took a 100,000.00 haircut from profits. Shoulda donated half to charity and spent the rest on my self. Road this down from $13. What was I thinking.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • Are you Kidding????????? The shorts Naked shorted this to get their way. You are insane. They should be arrested and jailed.

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