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  • thrubi thrubi May 14, 2013 1:37 PM Flag

    When Warren Buffett speaks, Is anyone else here listening?

    Warren Buffett Quotes from his recent shareholders meeting. It’s almost spooky how the following might speak well to Zagg shareholders who see the potential currently hidden in some of Zagg’s investments (HzO certainly comes to my mind).

    On how he picks stocks: "It's not because I calculate some precise P/E ratio or book value ratio, but because I have an idea of what the company will look like in five years, and that there's a discrepancy between price and value."

    "Four or five times during their lifetimes, investors will see incredible opportunities probably in equity markets ... they have to have the mental fortitude to jump in when most are jumping out."

    And one great prior quote from Warren:

    “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful”

    This is definitely my philosophy when it comes to Zagg’s shares 

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    • The HzO thing is interesting but right now it feels like vaporware. If Zagg is going to gain from growth in HzO then HzO is going to have to start selling product. Any idea why they don't have more customers?

      I like the long concept but right now the trade is day to day so don't expect anyone to get excited here until HzO becomes a household name. I don't see that happening any time soon unless Apple or Samsung picks it up for their next gen phones.

    • Don't ever compare yourself with someone who is far from your level. have fun

      lots of individual investors would simply go broke with thousands of dollars of loss, but not Buffett. have more fun

      BABA loves level.

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      • Nice call on the 3%.

      • Bandhcamilo, Buffett likes to share his wisdom so that others can benefit from it. It is quite true that you will see a handful of incredible opportunities in the equity market during your lifetime and if you don’t jump in while most are jumping out then you will miss the opportunity of a lifetime. It is also quite true that Buffett has a talent for looking five years out and seeing a discrepancy between price and value (if we only had a little of his talent then we’d be very lucky). I don’t really believe that Zagg is “the opportunity of a lifetime” but I am fairly confident that HzO is and right now there are only two ways to invest in that opportunity. Zagg currently owns somewhere around 38% of HzO_Inside and Harris & Harris (TINY) also owns a tiny piece of HzO_Inside. I don’t know when HzO is going to take off but they certainly have great press and strong enough marketing to see significant growth (including Brightstar in the US and possibly modcrew in Japan). The growth has not happen yet, but once it does then I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more about the Zagg connection; of course by then Zagg could be trading at over 2x recent lows. Personally I would not mind it if the shorts pushed this down to $2 before the HzO story unfolds, but suspect that they don’t have enough time or money to make that happen. The HzO story is already unfolding and it is just a matter of time before all know about it.

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    • Their is also another quote..."Pioneers get slaughtered and Settlers prosper". Hence why Warren also stays out of the technology sector and invests in companies with solid management and simple business models which means he stays away from companies that the next cycle of products have to be winners or your headed out of business. I think the HZO scenario could have potential or it could be one of those pioneer companies that get slaughtered. Most of us here are aware there are brand name cell phones and soon to be tablet which are waterproof… some are speculating that it is HZO technology… as much as I would like that to be true I have my doubts it is HZO. If we eliminate our emotions and desires (all longs want these products to be utilizing HZO) and look at it from an intellectual point of view, we have many unanswered questions. Why would zagg not update shareholders with the advancement of HZO like we are in beta testing with a major manufacturer with products going live… but we have not heard anything and Samsung/Sony are keeping this close to the vest…. The harder question is if this is not HZO technology who’s is it, could it be in house? Is Samsung/Sony utilizing another technology….. something doesn’t add up for HZO in my opinion… if this is the technology wouldn’t Samsung or Sony or both perhaps make a bid to buy HZO to keep this from Apple… Rumors would be flying but yet nothing. So again if this is not HZO technology which I lean towards believing, does this leave HZO as a slaughtered pioneer and an unknown source that has taken the chemical compounds used by HZO and redeveloped the application process which wouldn’t violate patens and just maybe lends itself to the mass production model

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      • bears_bulls2007, the main reason I like the HzO connection is because it has a million uses above and beyond cell phones (this type of tech is a true game changer). You can make a new screen protector for a cell phone and it will be obsolete next week when Corning or someone else makes a better glass. You can create a better backup battery pack today and it will be obsolete next year when battery technologies are updated. In the cell phone world there’s ton of competition but when you look beyond cell phones things get very different. Personally I haven’t been watching the Samsung/Sony stories unfold but I have seen on HzO’s facebook page that: “The Sony Xperia features mechanical seal plugs which keep water from getting inside of the device. HzO WaterBlock is different in that it features a coating that protects the inside of the device where electronic failure due to water damage could happen without the need for mechanical seals or other plugs.” Personally I’ve had experience with plugs that have failed due to a “single grain of sand” so I believe that the current Sony solution is an inferior solution that will keep them at the head of the game (or at least in the game) only until someone releases something better.

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    • I'm pretty sure he also looks for well-run companies with strong management teams in place. He might have some issues with this one.

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      • You know what monkthespankey, the same thing was said about ADUS a few years ago when it traded below $3 (now at $13.90) and about Croxs five years ago when it traded near $1 (now at $17.26)… Zagg is now in much better shape than either of those were back then but short sighted investors, (ones who weren't or wouldn't accept the bigger picture), missed out on incredible gains. Dump all you want on management and short as much stock as you possibly can and I will be there ready and waiting to invest in the five year plan. The Buffett approach to investing certainly does prefer a much better management team, yet he will be the first to admit that he misses a lot of great investment opportunities. Both ADUS and Croxs wouldn't have fit his portfolio even though they returned 360% and 1600% profits respectively in less than five years.

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    • Been watching the friends of HzO grow on Facebook and keep wondering when/if their waterblock technology will show up in one of the major cell phone manufacturer's product line. A few here have speculated that the recent delay in Apple's product could due to the time it takes to integrate and test that sort of technology. Personally I don't like that type of short term speculation but agree with Buffett; I foresee a much different Zagg / HzO picture building over the next five years; perhaps even one where Zagg's investment in HzO is worth many times what Zagg's market cap currently is.

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