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  • delphioracle2009 delphioracle2009 Sep 13, 2013 9:06 AM Flag

    LOGI may have to buyout ZAGG ... ZAGG Caliber Advantage looks to be superb game controaller ...

    LOGI may have to buyout ZAG ... ZAGG iPhone Game Controller is so good that LOGI may have to think so to avoid getting sidelined in mobile device accessories market ...

    The LOGI controller for iPhone looks substandard ... especially when compared to Caliber Advantage from ZAGG ...

    If LOGI management is really smart, they might buy out ZAGG for 100% markup before iPhone 5S game controller sales gives ZAGG an unchallengeable dominance in iPhone accessory market ...

    LOGI generating operating cash flow of $1.32 is at a P/E of 27 while ZAGG generating operating cash flow of $1.97/share is at a P/E of 10 ... which might because LOGI is either overvalued by 2X or ZAGG is undervalued by 2x

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    • Forget Logitech, let Microsoft do it... They tried to buy logitech for many times it's current market cap and logitech turned them down (silly board)... Microsoft will pay a good price and will know the value of the HzO technology so they won't underbid the way Logitech would. This company has so many parts that could be very valuable to Microsoft.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • i am worried if Apple came up with a Keyboard case for its Ipads, also New tech Glass used in new mobile devices are scratch resistance and that may lead to no need for screen shield.

      so where is the Zagg value in next year?

    • but Logitech expected to bring their own iphone controllee like other

      many companies doing tablets and smartphone accessories, problem we have new models every few months which maket difficult for accessories company and a company could come up with great product but in 6 months an obsolete while other ahead

      a new ball game for accessories not like old PC where a mouse kept sold for years

    • Just to be clear, you are referring the the ZAGG game controller that they introduced last January at CES and still have not brought to market? This is the controller that has been delayed because the moronic product development team lead by the incompetent Ben Godfrey didn't design it to be compatible with the new Apple iOS?

      Yeah, I'm sure Logitech is shaking in their boots over this one.

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