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  • moreaurouge moreaurouge Aug 18, 2011 11:54 AM Flag


    I have been following AXK for over two years but have not bought any yet. What concerns me now is that apparently NanoLogix has a better system and is way ahead of AXK for FDA approval.

    Second, I queried two ER doctors yesterday and asked them how important rapid bacterial I.D. was. I said if you could get results in 2-6 hours instead of 2-3 days would that be important. They both said when they see a patient in the ER with obvious signs of bacterial infection, they would not wait for 2-6 hours to administer antibiotics. They said with their experience they can be over 95% sure of the correct antibiotic to administer.

    So, if this is true, I do not see what the huge demand would be for the AXK product.

    Thirdly, it appears from the message board that most of the buying/selling is being done by pumpers and dumpers -- day traders.

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    • Why would anyone put any credibility in your opinion. You have put 2 messages on this board. One today and one on Oct.2, 2009. Here's what you said back in 2009:

      "I agree -- "it's over" for this company and its stock.

      I am sure glad I never bought any of the stock."

      When you wrote that, the share price was $1.40. So in your infinite wisdom, you missed a potential gain of about 500%.

      Nice going.

    • ER is not where the BACcel is focused; its the ICU, where patients are dying at the rate of 100000 per year from HAI (hospital acquired infections) because of the delay in rapid ID and AST.(ICU days cost $5-8K per day) Ask nnlx if they even know what AST is. You obviously don't, so you should stay in T-Bills and count your pennies.

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      • Do you really think that a doctor in the ICU is going to wait around for 2-6 hours before giving a dying patient an antibiotic. If the doctor did wait around for 2-6 hours and the patient died, the malpractice lawyers would love it.

        On the other hand, even after the doctor administers the antibiotic, the doctor would prob ably want to know the I.D. of the bug -- so, getting the answer in 2-6 hours would be preferable to waiting a couple of days. The doctor would probably be willing to pay for that decreased waiting time. But, the doctor is still going to give the patient his best guess antibiotic (probably at least 95% correct) before getting the test results.

    • You are allowed to own more than one stock. AXK and NNLX are not and will not be direct competitors.

      Both can and likely will bring money in the future.

      And it appears from this messageboard that all of the posts are from uninformed bashers, not pumpers.

      Think for yourself.

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