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  • nyctel nyctel Aug 29, 2011 8:03 AM Flag

    Best-Performing Micro Cap Stocks

    Accelr8 Technology Corporation (AMEX:AXK) is the 7th best-performing stock year-to-date in this segment of the market. It has risen 197.98% since the beginning of this year. Its price percentage change was 298.65% for the last 52 weeks.

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    • "Investor emotion frequently drives price to inappropriate extremes, both too high and too low."

      Yep, which explains exactly why AXK is at least 50% too high right now.

    • UNAUDITED! Look GASBAG, you're just an old nag who will never admit your possible unbridled enthusiasm might be misplaced. So be it; I have no interset in convincing you or any of other nnlx "true believers" to consider a more discerning attitude. GBS is not only tested by your "sweet baby"; CPHD has a molecular test presently on the market. The question you fail to ask is whether knowing if a patient tests positive in your 4 hour test, does the market care? Is urgency necessary for a condition that can be treated next day and still cure the patient? Just stay in your own neighborhood and we will refrain from drawing attention to your naivete. As stated before, if your board isn't "fun" enough for you; get a job!

    • the experts that are trying to sell you their technology because the their companies have mucho dollars invested in them. automation is great and all but you can't grow bacteria faster with all that. NNLX does what the people need. show me the sales of all those devices and how nnlx or axk for that matter have no entry into the market because one of those techs have it locked up. not too mention the nnlx version of petri dish is very new and not well known yet. technology review article written by MIT is a start into spreading the word. any way, no one really wants to argue with you. in a perfect world both techs succeed. just tell NYCTEL to stay "of" our board.

    • You presume that stock price connotates fair and correct value. Investor emotion frequently drives price to inappropriate extremes, both too high and too low. The neurotic need that your nnlx group seems to have for comparison to AXK is a sure sign of irrational investor emotion. You posted that you are a "wealthy investor", if so, I suggest you spend some of your $$$ on unemotional due diligence. Go to ICCAC in Chicago on 9/16 and walk the floor and talk to industry experts about petri dish technology vs. automated systems.Go look at the displays of current diagnostic platforms. Not one features human hands doing streaking. There is now a Siemans platform with automated streaking so as to eliminate human error and expense.

    • that's not funny talking about my age :) when you turn 84 AXK may have sold their first machine...naturally they would have changed business plans and industries (well not the software part) 3 times since then. can you say GLITCH.

      Lets see. 300 machines at 100k per puts them at 30 million in sales minus overhead and potential licensing if the product can prove many have they sold so far? do you really feel comfortable being invested at $3.00 a share. Did it make you feel even better when it went to the $7's just, well because it did? Rather own NNLX where I can perceive a better bang for my buck and appear much closer to FDA approval.

      Tell NYCTEL to stay "of" the NNLX board.

    • At 84 you will need gas (Oxygen) to stay alive long enough to take a tax loss!

    • At 84 you will need gas (Oxygen) to stay alive long enough to take a tax loss!

    • You know all that information about AXK and you STILL OWN SHARES of AXK!!!!!!!!!! BWAAAAHHHAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHA. Perhaps you are the GASBAG.....

    • GASBAG: I read your analysis of future value for nnlx and I am LOL at your assumption of 115million shares outstanding. How can you be so cocky( badbilly too) when you have no current financials from your favorite penny stock? You are hypocrites! Piss all over AXK but your company doesn't even report! You have zero credibility to criticize AXK when your "dog" isn't even a true public company( ALL PERTINENT INFO IS UNAVAILIBLE!!!) They can't even decide on a date for a shareholder's meeting! Get a job.. mow your lawn today for something to do.

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