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  • johnchicca Jun 15, 2011 2:44 PM Flag

    This is CRAZY!

    This is just crazy! For the last several days and including today, there is at least 15 to 18 times the amount of shares bought compared to sold. PPS should definetly be going up!

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    • They toke the scared people money and run and laugh, but not mine, as far as I am concern, no exit, no profit or loss!!! But the good projects started six months will growth, you still can always bashing, eventually , you will tire of it, when the ture come out, cooking oil always needed by the oreintal for cooking!!! My investment never change, as a matter of fact, I will accumulate as time go by!!!

    • They didn't take your money, huh?

      I have news for you--they took your money and when they read your posts they are laughing at you.
      If you don't believe that go back and read all the positive posts here for the last 6 months then look at the chart for the price on each of those days.

    • The 90% drop was done by a PUMP and DUMP, it is not reflect the true value of CPOW, as a matter of fact, before Nov. 2010, before the PUMP and DUMP, the stock PPS is US$0.04/share, now, after your PUMP and DUMP, for almost six months, the PPS is 0.065/Share, this reflect the real market value of the stock at this time, it is still a positve up stock of 62.50% UPTREND!!!

      What you told me a 90% drop was an artificial PUMP and DUMP did by some bashers, to take advantage of people don't have full knowleage what was going on, and also scared other peoples during the PUMP and DUMP!!! They do take their money, but not mine!!!

    • Well Wong stocks that are not pump and dumps and are gold mines have a very important characteristic--they rise --your stock has fallen 90% in 6 months.

    • Jackson Dump, your knowleadge is not helping me to understand the question which Yaboo brought it up; as far as investment in CPOW, I have stated I found out it was not a P & D at all, that's why initially I have a big profit during the P & D, but with my knowleadge dealing business with CHINA, I found out it is a GOLD MINE for the projects of CPOW, so I decided stay one year, then the more I do the DD, the more time I have stay with it, then I changed to stay for three years. Now, it is just the beginning of the iceberg to be melt by our LONGHs investors!!!!! And test the purify sweet water of CPOW, when job by jobs will be done, project to projects to be done; so far advansing all the time!!!


    • The only prediction Jack has done, and many times, is that the pps will be over 1 by the end of this year. If you want to call that prediction a failure, unfortunately you will have to wait until then. I personally feel that prediction will be right. And Jacksontom, please refrain from using insults on this board, that goes for everybody, including Jack, longs and shorts.

    • Oh give us a break--in the past you repeatedly said the stock was going higher soon, that it would not keep dropping and now that it has repeatedly made a liar out of you week after week you have switched to this long view baloney--if you believed that you would not be here posting every day--every single day--you are either an idiot or a paid pumper--take your pick

    • jackissback Jun 16, 2011 1:17 PM Flag

      Jacksondump, you and the other bashers are

      projecting their fears, we don't feel like that.

      We longs are here for the well...loooong game,

      we are not in a hurry, nor biting our nails because

      of the current low pps. We understand why is

      like that, and we know where the company

      is heading. Big surprises to come for people

      thinking this game is over.

      This game has just begun with the signing of

      the Chinese JVs, and the financing from

      Centurion is still on the table.

      CPOW continues advancing constantly,

      their focus is not in PRs nor pumping pps,

      but in building solid foundations for the

      large deals it has secured.

      Its fun to watch bashers bark and bark,

      as it'll be fun to watch them whine and get

      back to their caves with their tails between

      their legs.

    • johnchicca Jun 16, 2011 9:41 AM Flag

      Good info, thanks Jack, Yahbo and Mr. Wong. I have been working on a couple of things. I may have some news later today or tomorrow. Talk to you soon!

    • this is being done by one person or one company

      buy short buy short buy short,,,, look at the daily scale

      it very rarely goes up more than .04-.05 a day then is shorted by the same or a bit more then bought then sold etc.

      five buys and five shorts a a few hundred thousand shares makes a very nice days profit since this is the same money each time the pps stays the same

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