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  • ibwatchin2000 ibwatchin2000 Mar 14, 2002 7:23 PM Flag

    Major and McMon

    You should really take your Ignore off for Horton... he's really started to lose credibilty - not that he had any to begin with. Poor misirable Ed... I still think he needs a hobby.

    Go BBI!!!

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    • My apologies if my post offended you. It's better if the Major and I don't communicate, you can thank IB for encouraging that to start again

    • Mr. Ehorton, You know when the Major went over the edge and starting talking about your health problems and other issues that were clearly private I was really appalled as I think many others were. It was totally un-called for and inexcusable and I said so. I also have issues with the clarity of insight on his part on occasion. What I do not understand is your behavior. I do not lack for a sense of humor. But I really don�t see the humor in many of your remarks. I would very much like to get some value out of this board. There are many people like myself who have invested their hard earned money in this company. They hope to pay for college tuition, retirement, to buy a house and other important events. Wisely or foolishly we have invested our money. We would like to make a profit. I welcome information that can help me now that I have made this decision. But your remarks tend toward disparaging those you worked for in the past, the management, and others whom you clearly do no like. I�m looking for the gold nugget or two that can come from reading this board. I do not think it is appropriate to subvert the very purpose of this board by making it your personal soap box. Certainly it is your purgative to do so but I cannot imagine that this is behavior sons can be proud of. All sound very melodramatic? I can guess much of life can to be so.

    • Hope your Golf game sucks. Have a beignet for me.


    • Hope you have fun at Pittcon, good luck at the Golf Tournament with your brother, I'm off to one of your other favorite pasttimes today. I'd rather invest in Blackjack, Roulette, and Slot Machines than BBI. Better odds.


    • I just realized I should have said the Riddler It woke me out of a sound sleep - (look at the post time) but you still are a joker!! Oh well, maybe the error will get more people posting.

      Good Night.


    • Thanks for the heads up. I put people on ignore when I know that it will be tough to not respond to their ramblings. I just didn't want to get into it with him any more. From the responses you have given, it seems like it's been interesting. Did he ever answer your question about if he is wrong about PCT? It seemed like a very reasonable request on your part.


    • Talk about losing credibility, if you'd lie to your wife and kid you'd lie to anybody.

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