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  • heywood1692 heywood1692 Sep 24, 2013 7:09 AM Flag

    Stock looks dead

    Seemed to be a little more activity in the past couple weeks, maybe from the insider buys, but the shares are still around .25..

    I understand some were a little excited by the insider buys but it amounts to very little with nano cap stocks coupled with insignificant purchases. Nice gesture by management but Im afraid that was all it was. If the shares are so undervalued then they are failing at their responsibility to increase shareholder value.

    For some reason nobody is listening to their story or just maybe, theyre listening and dont like what they hear, They are either not getting their message across or something is wrong. The ceo needs to get hold of the situation or we're going to see big dilution in the way of financing at cheap prices or even worse, more toxic financing if any financing at all.

    Wish I was as optimistic as some. I love the technology but as Ive mentioned before, plenty of great technology companies that went out of business.

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    • Yes, to bad, dead stock equals dead money.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I remain optimistic for the following reasons. I still don't see insiders, deciding to to buy now, of all times, if funding was going to be an issue. The Beta testing should be underway as we speak on the HT units. They plainly said that units would not be for sale until 2014 which is still several months away. I am holding now, as I believe based on the forward statements that sales will be successful with the new technology. I also believe they will be announcing new financing in the form of phase II grant money. I think their consumable sales will be up when the next report comes out, and that some type of strategic alliance will be announced. All stocks carry risk, and this one is no exclusion, but the tech is great....the new tech is better, the market potential is huge....insiders began buying recently even though the stock was in this range for a long time....insiders have bought at much higher levels in large is now just a matter of time. The stock has not moved up because no new information has been released. That day is fast approaching and we will find out if management was correct or not. Based on their responsible handling of debt, share structure, compensation, and fund raising to date, I would say the news will be great, and the stock will quickly rise

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      • I still dont get your reasoning in that you state insiders have bought in large amounts at much higher levels, which was obviously a miscalculation since the share price subsequently fell dramatically. However you extrapolate this logic into managements recent insider buying to signal great things are about to happen? Hard to understand your thinking.

        Id also disagree with your statement "The stock has not moved up because no new information has been released.". The news on HT was a huge event and advancement towards market acceptance yet the stock remained in hibernation.

        Your assessment of how they have handled the capital structure is partly accurate, The problem is keeping a limited dilutive structure doesnt add much value when youre unable to raise capital.because of it. Also recall the company has taken in toxic convertibles which have the potential of diluting shareholders substantially.

        It's important to tell the entire story regardless of which side of the fence youre standing

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