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  • popdgkemnd popdgkemnd Dec 29, 2010 3:29 PM Flag

    I feel sorry


    for those that own csiq stock. You cant post on this board without Candb01 threating you anymore. You can never talk about csiq the company. You never know from minute to minute what lie candb01 will tell. As stock holders and owners of this company you do have rights. There are laws to protect you. It is a federal crime to lie on a message board for financal gain. It only takes a minute.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • why not post any of my original posts in which I attack and threaten you or tries or min or ... besides my own self-defence. single one of them. you have denied many times, tries, mini and pop are NOT the same person (who are coincidentally in tza, ung, csiq, Excel and dyrship to attack and threaten people.

      let hard copies of yours to prove whether they are coming from the same Ip or person, the court will verify that, not me!

      as said, i used to work as a janitor in teh canteen at a law school :-), it doesn't mean i know nothing about the laws and process! it doesn't mena a janitor can not get this threat out of its source!

      wait and see, be patient, pop, tries and mini. you can not continue posting threats on others while getting away clean!!!

    • you are attacking and threatening with your multiple IDs on people who have predicted as well in csiq. you are now sounding like a victim. what a rediculus argument. check all posts of yours and mine. did i attack or thretaen you in the first place except for my own defense. no worry that hard copesi of yorus and mine will prove everything, any further to argue, deny or defend is useless.

      you need to stop attacking adn threatening peopl who post any of their own opinions here or in tza, EXCEL, DryShip, UNG in a peaceful way. never see anyone like you who are so aggressive, mean and incivilized.

      wait and see, pop, tries, mini..... hard copies will do all fair job. i will get this done fair to you and myself!

    • kbjb Dec 29, 2010 3:45 PM Flag

      All you have to do is put candboi on ignore, takes only a few seconds. I recommend it for everyone on this board.

    • you, pop, tries and mini quote the same website for 100000 tiems to whooever disagree with you, mini did the exactly identical but with his lawyer status.

      read this website, anything to do people personal opinions. teh website is targeting inevsting firms, hedge funds or any big fanancial instsitues who has powerto manipulate the market or a stcok. who care s about small gamblers who are playing in few hundred or thoudands shares. it is very risky to mislead and threaten peopel by abusing the name of SEC. only you, pop, tries and mini has doen this to innecent poeple on the yahoo MBs as I have known. again, remind you here: stop doing this, highly risky to you. I can forward all you, tries, pop especially mini's threatning posts to SEC or my laywer, ask them to interpret. SEC will respond to my request!

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