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  • solarcrunch solarcrunch Mar 7, 2013 11:06 AM Flag

    RUNTRA....and your supposed outlook

    Why did I write that? Because you "Runting"/Ranting is plain to see:

    Here is what you said: "For such great analysis estimates - CSIQ is acting terrible. It is going to be at $2.00 by the time the second or third quarter comes around. Still have faith but I have to switch to a hold until I see a bottom. I am no hero and do not want to catch a falling knife."

    Lets see break that down shall we:

    "acting terrible"?
    "Will be 2.00 by second and third Q"
    "Falling knife"..gloom and doom"

    All words associated with someone with an agenda.

    Get real man...we all know what you are about. Many solars have taken a beating since TSL's report. YGE was not spectacular either. We know CSIQ already announced they would not be either for Q4 especially with LDK lawsuit one timer. The turn around will begin for CSIQ in earnest in Q2 and you are calling for 2.00 betwen Q2 and Q3. WHY NOT SELL me your non existent shares now dreamer? Buy it back then after Q3 when its 8-10pps LOL. By the way, after last earning it fell to 2.00 so its what 80% above that right now. Even if it falls to 2.50...I am not worried. Everyone knows this is the stock to own for second half of 2013/into 2014. Try and act like a true long on another board...your intention is obvious.

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