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  • If anyone can pull off the private sector taking over for Fema, Romney can. Look at how well UPS is profitable compared to postal service. A perfect example of the inefficiencies of government. The housing collapse that spurred the banking problems came about from Clinton era regulations. Go do some homework.

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    • You guys should get a job with MITT's campaign. You would all fit right in with the unbelieveable view of the facts. If MITT wasn't a hedge fund manager how did he accumulate all the money? Everyone but you guys knows that MITT made his money with the hedge fund industry. He is the top 1% in our country and to think he is going to make things better for the middle class is stupid. He is all about making more money for the top 1%. The money is not going to trickle down. They will just put the money in overseas banks and invest in jobs for China. Those are the real facts. First time I have heard that Clinton was responsible for the banking problems. What was George Bush doing during his eight years? Guess he was too busy fighting his wars with the Arabs to understand what the bankers were doing. He was just as surprised as the rest of us to find out what his friends in the banking industry had done to our country. Guess I am misinformed when I hear MITT thinks we have too many regulations on the banks and wants to get rid of some of them so the banks can make more money. These banks use to make money loaning money for people to buy houses. They do not like making 30 year loans for 4% so they leave that to the government. Now they make their money playing the stock market. Letting the banks make more money is a good thing, right? Do not think you boyz lost enough money during the last downturn which were created by the banks so you need another lesson. Just remember it can happen again.

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