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  • kimseyflyby kimseyflyby Nov 1, 2012 7:56 PM Flag

    Romney is not anti Fema

    Romney is for making sure things aren't a drain on our federal budget. He understands Fema could be better served on states or private sector. UPS is profitable while postal service bleeds red. The federal government just isn't efficient.

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    • 26nut Nov 6, 2012 5:15 PM Flag

      kimseyflyby, how long do you think (ups) would last if it had to deliver every single mail to evry single house in America? a month? 2 months? The private sector for fema? you are joking ? right ?
      I hope so? Let the good times roll.

    • Romney is not anti Fema he just wants to let the states handle the problems on their own, right? Tell the governor of New Jersey he should just handle his own problem and not rely on the federal government for help. That idiot got all this help from Obama and says he is still voting for MITT. You would think after we saw how Bush handled Katrina and how Obama is handling Sandy it would be enough to make you people understand the difference a president can make in handling disasters. Yea MITT wants to get rid of BIG BIRD, FEMA and many of these useless government agencies. MITT will give everyone a tax break and solve our deficit problems. Where do you people live, Disneyland. This is the real world and someone is going to pay. It can be the top 1% or it can be you. The choice is yours.

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