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  • kidmadeira kidmadeira Mar 4, 2014 10:23 AM Flag

    GE/CFM 70% of market! Pratt is now building helicopters?

    Both United Technologies and GE Aviation are involved in the design, manufacture and sale of aerospace components like landing gears and actuation systems and provide maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services in the global airline market. These manufacturers contest hard for initial sales of units, since a large installed base of engines ensure continued cash streams down the road via parts replacement and routine maintenance. About 70% of the world’s jetliner engines are manufactured either by General Electric or by CFM International.

    Over the next decade, the market for jet engines is expected to skyrocket to around $500 billion. Single-aisle planes are expected to constitute 70% of the 35,000 new commercial jets in the next couple of decades, with a market valuation of nearly $2.3 trillion. While CFM International has been a prominent provider of engines on narrow-body, single-aisle planes, Pratt & Whitney has a relatively humble presence in commercial aircraft. Pratt & Whitney’s forte rather lies in the military contracting field.

    Of the 2,610 Airbus A320neo orders as of Jan 2014, CFM International and Pratt & Whitney have secured about 32% each. Consequently, the contest seems pretty open with either of the player possessing the capability to outwit the other.

    Chopper Prospects: Far From Choppy

    While Sikorsky, a unit of United Technologies, is the Pentagon’s leading helicopter supplier, Pratt & Whitney is a dominant player in the worldwide helicopter market and is recognized for outstanding reliability, durability and exceptional operating economics.

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    • fuel cell revival

      • 1 Reply to sunfund
      • sunfund,.....Glad to see that you're still with us. UTC has sold off it's fuel cell unit. Good products but continuing losses. I know that you recall the fuelcell.bomb days in the 2000-2001 period. FCEL is down 94% from it's highs, BLDP is down 95%. PLUG, which rose 30% last Friday, is down 99% from it's high and was split 1 / 10 to avoid delisting. I traded FCEL, BLDP and PLUG, both long and short, but, haven't traded them in many, many years. The group is too low priced to short, not much blood left in those turnips. Are you still in Long Island or have you retired to God's waiting room, Florida? I'm planning to relocate to FL very soon for a variety of reasons..............Regards,....Kid.

    • Just a guess.....Perhaps P&W is getting allot of the engine orders for the choppers from DOD? Typically, there are 2 orders. 1 for airframe and 1 for engines. Could that be why the wording was as it was?

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      • From the Pratt Canada website..."PT6 and PW200 helicopter engines, also referred to as turboshaft engines, have played a key role in P&WC’s drive to become a leader in the worldwide helicopter market, all recognized for their outstanding reliability, durability and exceptional operating economics."

        Looks like the commentary was lifted from the Pratt site. They didn't fool you......Kid

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