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  • goofy_investor goofy_investor May 13, 2014 10:49 AM Flag

    Legal expenses

    DEPO lacks any R&D and drug development to have any hope for future explosive income. After all, it tangle with lawsuits and high expenses. Marketing is also weak and cost s more money than income. I do not understand why such a multiple is given to this stock. It should be somewhere around $5 or max $6.

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    • Disagree!

      DEPO is not in the business to use R & D

      They acquire small companies that have a product that they deem ready to increase revenue in the near future.

      They acquire these companies and use their marketing and sales force to promote the product they just acquired.

      DEPO is cash rich at the moment and hopefully will find a company to acquire that will greatly increase their revenue-earnings.

      I have no doubt this will happen.

      They are just doing their DD.

      I think the next acquisition will be a potentially great revenue producer.

      When that happens the stock will explode to the upside!

      Also, with is current portfolio of drugs, you will discover this year far greater returns from each drug.

      I think that at it's current price it would be a great time to add or start a new position.

      Look at the returns of 2013.

      Investing in the company at the beginning of 2013 would have made anyone a lot of money if they sold out a couple days before their earnings announcement!!

      Of coarse hindsight is 20-20!

      If you look deeper into their report, it was not as bad as the street focused on.

      So be patient and you will be rewarded!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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