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  • backtoitnumber2 backtoitnumber2 May 27, 2014 10:45 AM Flag

    No such thing as paid bashers

    These boards have gotten really bad over the years. I wish there was a chat room or say a Facebook group with serious investors not a bunch of lying people. You should have to cut and post your positions so we would know people weren't lying. Does anyone know if such a site exists? I think it would be great to talk to other serious investors.I'm sure there are some people on this message board that really know what there talking about but lately looks like 1 in 100 posts are honest people.

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    • You know, there's always Motley Fool. It's a cut better than the psycho dramatics on Yahoo. But when it comes to investing -- and the majority of people who really just use it as an alternate form of gambling and indulgence of magical thinking -- you're always going to have an over-representation of kooks.

    • They were just as bad in the late 90's.

    • I'm a very serious investor, and until insiders buy some TWTR or they post a profit this will drift lower... period.

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      • This is the silicon valley. You know what's happening inside Twitter? There are scores of employees who desperately, vigorously want to get on to the Next Big Thing, with another cycle of fundings, options, and IPO. Working at Twitter is, to them, like working at GM or IBM -- in valley-time, it's old, it's over, it's tragic, it's yesterday. That's what many on this board do not understand -- this industry marches to a much different, and much faster, drum. The idea that Twitter will have the same staying power as a big industrial -- or even Netflix -- is absurd, but these folks don't see it. I do, because I worked in silicon valley between '83 and '99 (yep. Got out just under the meltdown, cashed out my tech portfolio, everything. Sometimes you get lucky.)

      • I agree with you. What was their estimate for the next quarter? I'm guessing they weren't too confident of turning a profit by the next quarter? I really believe eventually they will start making money and this will go back into the 70's but that might take awhile.

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