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  • ferrarifan777 ferrarifan777 Jun 16, 2010 1:10 PM Flag

    Off Topic to Mike

    Mike . . . Im in the principality at Stars & bars at a rented computer having a drink and reading about the oil spill. Since it is rented coputer, i'm not logging to my e-mail.

    Noticed that you are getting your a.s.s blistered on the indigo board. Why the F-did you go back? When you argue with people whose IQ is half your, you only fall to their level.

    Like you, i thought the meetin was pis.s poor. durdin said that the reason he wouldnt' give details on production is so the big boys owouldnt buy the land next door. what was that? looked like an amateur.

    By the way, Janice says "hi." Said she hadnt seen you since the race. I told her your apartment lease here ran out.

    dude, lay off the indigo. it is a loser, like those polyannas who dream of a 50 cent stock. cant. believe durdin has such a cult following. put more money in wilhelmina.

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    • miketraynor Jun 16, 2010 4:44 PM Flag


      Check your e-mail. Go by Cafe D.P. and bring me some Ramon Allones--I'll pay you when you get home.

    • miketraynor Jun 16, 2010 1:15 PM Flag

      Sent you an e-mail.

      Stars and Bars? Teryaki Chicken, Fries and a Dr. Pepper. Best American food in Europe!

      Can't help myself on indigo. Those people there just don't get it and the teacher in me needs for them to learn. I feel like they are walking into a fire and I am standing beside them yelling "Stop." The company is purely a cra.p shoot, but people are putting real savings in it. I don't mind the gamblers, but the people who need a score are betting on it--and that is sad. Funny thing, though, the true believers are the ones giving me the most trouble--and it is them that should listen the most.

      And, then this Durdin worship? Man, I don't get it. He is like Jim Jones, I guess.

      C'est la vie. la merde arrive!

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