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  • jeeree234 jeeree234 Jul 9, 2010 2:51 PM Flag

    Billings Up An Estimated 34.7%

    Can't be much better than that.

    Anyone evaluating the company's financial results has to be very much impressed.

    With increases like this you've got to believe that the stock will soon be on the move, won't be any cheaper and is a steal at this level.

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    • I don't really know very much about WHLM, other than what I learned from reading the past few 10-Qs/K. I just see Mark involved and a company that appears to be on the verge of profitability with a big anti-dilutive event on the horizon. I don't have much to lose buying 10K shares and sitting on them for five years or so. If all goes well this could be worth infinitely more.

    • Don't worry. I'm not investing my life's savings based on your posts (or anyone else's).

      I didn't know that Newcastle played mostly with public stuff. See, you know more than I do.

      You took the time to post, so I'm encouraging you to share more of your thoughts and knowledge.

      Most companies that compare 2009 to 2010 are looking better. I think you will find that WHLM is probably back to 2007 or 2008 numbers.

      One way or another the former owners will need to give up a big chunk of WHLM because they overpromissed and underdelivered. Cashflow should be good, and I hope you are right and they turn a small profit this quarter.

      I'm all for Mark and WHLM!!!


    • Look - I'm not sure why you care about an anonymous posters opinion on Mark Schwartz. Newcastle is almost all public market stuff. It has outperformed the S&P since the credit crisis by a wide margin. Make your own decisions.

      In regards to WHLM, the Company is growing revenues, is very close to turning a profit and has the potential to buy back a ton of shares for next to nothing when this lawsuit is settled...I like their prospects.

    • I am aware of Newcastle's ownership interest in WHLM.

      I was hopefull that you would point out a few stocks where Mark's ownership clearly created value for the other common shareholders. Do you know of any?

      Or, it would be great if you knew him, or did business with him and could extol on his virtues.

    • Think whatever you want to think. Newcastle owns 34M shares of WHLM BTW.

    • I have no doubt that he makes money for Newcastle, but that doesn't mean that he will make money for the individual companies he's involved in.

      Newcastle's interests my differ from the other common shareholder's interests. PZZI hasn't done well under Mark. BELL hasn't done well under Mark. What makes you think that he will do well for WHLM? So far, he took our cash and overpaid for the agency.

    • I know his background. I know Hallmark, and I know his hedge fund, newcastle. He is a deep value investor with an excellent track record.

    • That all sounds great but I wonder if they have positive earning this time? Cash flow has been positive but they are righting off the purchase of Wilhelmina. Have to wait for the 10Q to see.

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