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  • marty81274 marty81274 Oct 10, 2005 4:04 PM Flag

    What the FUCK is going on


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    • ALL we need is a change in the US Law which says if your parents are ILLEGAL then even if you are Born here you are ILLEGAL too.

      Your right Democrats & Republicans no one seems to have a plan except to give evrybody a US (National ID) card. We already have one its called Social Security. We don't need ID cards we need to stop ILLEGALS from corrupting our system.

      PLus if this doesn't happen fast the hispanic population will swallow us all. Already they outnumber EVERY other minority in the USA.

    • Idiot says:

      ,,In practice, even though hospitals are required to admit anyone to ER, most illegals are afraid to show up for fear of being exposed. ;;

      Who the HELL are you kidding?!?! I worked in an ER room and it was swarming with illegals DEMANDING free services in SPANISH! They would even come in when they had twisted an ankle playing soccer. You are the typical stupid liberal that doesn't want to listen to facts just blame Bush. Grow up.

    • Bull.

      Hospitals are not allowed to report them. All you have to do is search stories on the Southwest hospitals, and you will see how many have gone out of business, or at least have closed their maternity wards permanently. The illegals stream over the border, go to the hospitals in labor. The hospital CAN NOT turn them away BY LAW. As soon as the baby is born, the baby is an automatic US citizen. And, all that medical care for baby and mother is provided at no cost to them (i.e. the hospital has to absorb the cost and pass it on to those of us who do pay).

      And, the INS could care less anyway. Up here in New England it was well publicized that when the police report illegals, the INS tells them to cut them loose. The INS informed them that unless the illegal had violated the law, they did not have the time or the interest to be bothered. So, the chief of police started arresting the illegals using the trespassing laws. He got taken to court and was forced to discontinue the practice.

      In Maine, it is well known that the illegals drive to the local food pantries in their new cars, load up with all the free food they can carry, and then drive off. It got so bad that the pantries have had to change their policy to limit how much food anyone can take.

      You mentioned in one of your posts that they are just doing the jobs Americans won't do. That Americans won't do that job for $2 an hour. No shit! The pay for that job wasn't $2 an hour until illegals came into the country and drove down the standard of living and wages to that level. The U.S. has had a high standard of living with good wages for its citizens. If we keep letting the illegals come in and work for a fraction of those wages, then soon, American wages and standard of living will be just the same as the shit holes they came from. The only one with any money will be the company CEOs and such that reap the profits of that cheap labor.

      I hate to say it, but by the tone of your last several posts, it is sounding more and more like you are an illegal yourself. Or, you are just a misguided Bush basher who wants to blame Bush for everything regardless of your misguided logic. Trust me, if Kerry had been elected, we would have just as many illegals streaming into this country as we do now, if not more. If Kerry's home state is any example of where the Dem's would take us, they want to give illegals drivers licenses, the right to vote, welfare, food stamps, and in-state tuition for all their kids. It doesn't matter who you elect, NONE of them have the slightest clue of the damage illegal immigration is doing to our country, and NONE of them have any plan to fix it.

    • In practice, even though hospitals are required to admit anyone to ER, most illegals are afraid to show up for fear of being exposed.

    • Illegals aliens DO get free medical care at emergency rooms. BY LAW - hospitals ccanot turn them away or turn them in. An illegal can walk it and get a bypass or brian surgery and you pay for it.

      No American will work for $2.00 a hour. The only people benefitting are scumbags with small businesses using illegal slave labor.

    • Correction: Did NOT blast music.

    • I agree with everything you said except maybe for your tendency to blame Bush & Co. It is my experience that while the two political parties have different motivations, they are both totally committed to leaving the illegal immigration issue alone. The Republican big business interests want the cheap labor. The Democrats want to provide lots of welfare, medical care, tuition, and other entitlements in exchange for votes. Either way, we get swamped with illegal aliens (sorry, temporary guess workers, or is it undocumented visitors), see our standard of living decline, wages decline, work quality decline, poverty increase, crime increase, and taxes increase.

      My neighbor just had her roof replaced by her insurance company due to a fallen tree. The insurance company hired the roofing contractor to do the job. EVERY worker on the crew except for the boss was foreign, and unable to speak english. Once they got started, the boss left. A bit later, they dropped a bundle of roofing off the roof on top of her kerosene tank, breaking off a line and dumping the contents out on the ground. None could speak english to even explain the problem, so they had to physically get her to go outside and show her what they had done. After a lengthy visit by the fire department and the oil company, she has her heating system back operational. Now she is waiting the EPA to have all the contaminated soil removed.

    • America's Fall in R&D: "Nobody Cares"

      Suggest you read this article, then ask why Bush Administration giving tax cut to OUTSOURCE all the jobs overseas.


      To Halla, the U.S. is in the midst of a new Sputnik era, this time with China. The world's most populous nation already has more Internet users and wireless phone subscribers than the U.S. Its universities are producing roughly three times the number of college graduates in engineering, and its education system is catching up to the U.S. in accounting and life sciences (see BW Online, 8/22/05, "A New World Economy"). Halla says the U.S. has yet to respond with the same determination it did after Sputnik.
      Next month, Halla will assume leadership of the Semiconductor Industry Assn. Using that position as a bully pulpit, he intends to promote American technological competitiveness.

      • 2 Replies to notkonfusedwithhitech
      • Halla's comments are a demonstration of the great disconnect between a CEO's opinion of career opportunities in the tech industries and what opportunities actually exist for working electronic engineers (or other tech workers).

        I advised my son 5 years ago not to pursue a career in engineering as a profession. He majored in finance, did very well in college, and started a new job a couple months ago with a salary equivalent to mine. My salary has been flat for 5 years, and I am lucky because many of my professional friends are under employed as engineers. Some of my son's buddies that went into computer engineering and electrical engineering are still looking for jobs, having graduated 5 months ago. When I graduated with an electrical engineering degree it was unheard of to be looking for a job AFTER graduation.

        Despite Halla's desires to increase US technological competitiveness, the transfer of technology to China has been unrelenting for the last decade, and will continue without political action. Why should CEO's ask for more engineering talent if they are not fully employing those that are available? As long as corporate america continues this trend there is no hope in competing against essentially slave labor manufacturing costs. Therefore, there is no hope for growth in technological industries in the US until a POLITICAL solution is obtained.

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