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  • peachtree105 peachtree105 Oct 20, 2005 10:53 AM Flag

    ADI to $45 before year end

    SOX is in uptrend, IXIC, SMH is turning up.
    ADI is shooting up. few more good days to come.

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    • is adequate to handle analog IC design.

      Or must I read JSSC for a few months?

      WHAT? 10 years? fuc* that, I'm gonna be

      WHATTTTT? Systems and Circuits?
      jeeeezzzzz that is some hard sh*t, man
      All that math, all those concepts, the way am I gonna
      read and re-read and re-re-read that
      stuff. I'm gonna watch football.

    • overseas corporations, some of the
      best will figure out their salary does not
      correspond to the sales resulting from their
      work, and will jump ship.

      Indians already do that, in software and
      digital design.

      SInce the best can be 100X better than the
      worst, and 10X the average, the best will
      either become managers, to reduce the
      schedule pressure, or will leave to
      start their OWN corporations.

      And costs will rapidly rise, if you want
      the services of the best.

    • ADI choses to cut its own throat
      and discard precious "institutional memory".

      Makes my job much easier.

      Thank you, Jerry, for the continued devastation
      of ADI's competitiveness and spirit and morale.

      Again, thank you so very much.

    • experienced Indian engineering managers
      being "almost the same" as in the USA.

      Give the Orient 5 more years, and the
      cost advanage will BE GONE, and
      the HUGE DIS-ADVANTAGE of being 10 timezones
      away will be destruction to outsourcing.

    • If wages are FLAT, then there will be
      LOTS OF STARTUPS in engineers' garages,
      using PSPICE and LEDIT to cut costs.

      Either reward those who stabilize the
      sales of the company, in the face of hungry
      competitors, OR LOSE THE SKILLED PEOPLE.

    • products.

      And ADI did lots of buy/sort/relable?????

      No wonder PMI distained ADI.

    • is the path to personal fame and reward.....
      ........ oopps (erase that)
      is the path to corporate profit growth,
      even as corporate strength is devastated and
      the long-term shareholder returns are ruined
      ..............hmmmm they did not teach me how
      to respond to this in my Fuc* The Worker 101
      course at Harvard.................
      oh yes "Engineers are a dime a dozen!"
      ......yes Yes YES
      That is what I was told to say.

      Never mind that Digital jocks have to
      know "1,0,float,undefined" while the
      analog primadonas spit out Ohms_SLAW and
      fixed_point switch_reg operation.

      Some even know when to use two bypass caps
      in parallel, and what values. But who cares.
      Outsource to India, and wait 5/10/15/20/25
      years for the mistakes to be made, and
      ADI to go.....slowly......bankrupt,
      except for Jerry.

    • "My belief is that is takes 3 - 5 years for a fresh out of college graduate to become a fully contributing engineer in a product line....." I might clarify that statement in that the engineer will be fully contributing but not at all levels. There is always the story of a product that has a yield bust. A great deal of time could be consumed figuring out why it failed. An engineer that had been there awhile might look at the problem and say, "yup, it is due to XYX", have seen that before. My point is that there is something to be said about experience.

      "You've identified a major issue in the ADI design cycle - time to market." That is an intersing problem. The solution is three-fold. First, understanding the problem. Don't send marketing engineers in to do design engineering work. In the initial design, the problems the customers face must be well understood by the design engineer; power consumption, accuracy, etc. Perhaps send two engineers ro ralk to customers. More on this issue later.

      Second, team methodologies must be adapted. Prior experience with analog design was usually one design engineer, one product. As it must be a team effort, documentation of the various pieces, ensuring each cell interfaces together with a good review of the overall system is required. FPGAs can be used to verify the design prior to silicon. In fact, it could be used by the customer as a method to evaluate a their design. in the past, a complete system, with a modeling ADC was implemented and sent to a customer to verify the overall system design. This would allow the customer the opertunity to try the new achitecture before committing to silicon.
      Third, use cell based design. This eliminates the delay in creating (and evaluating new circuits. Core technologies should be something senior designers should work on for next generation products.

      In regard to sending in several engineers to meet with customers. I have heard a manager tout that they were the only one at a conference compared to another company which sent several engineers. To that I might add an old fable of three blind men and the elephant. Each is told to describe the elephant. The one blind man touches the animal's tail and describes the elephant as rope-like. The second touches the elephant's leg and describes it as a tree...I will not go on with the story other than to say that there are several completely different descriptions of the same animal. My point is that one persons opinion can be slanted and my not represent the right data needed. By sending more than one engineer to a customer, perhaps a better description of the elephant will come out of the meeting.

      "Based on your personal situation, can you see senior enginners continuing to train younger engineers if the end result is their own unemployment?" We could all sit in our own offices and ignore helping anyone...but that, in my estimation is unprofessional. It is supposed to be a group of people with a common goal, or are we now a collection of people wanting to step over everyone else to climb to the top?

      " I don't equate 'putting in the hours' with actual productivity." ...and yet you speak of long lunches and empty parking lots. One of the very senior engineers used to think out a problem on the his/her long commute each morning to work. When the person arrived, they had a fresh solution to the problem. My point is that work does not necessaily have to be done sitting at a desk.

      So, I'm to believe you would never have referred to 'excess' mfg engineers in the down cycle as 'deadwood'? No, I did not impy that. If we were to define "deadwood" I would refer it to the part of a plant that contributes nothing to it's survival. Mfg engineers DO contribute. If I manufactured cars and found I had a lot full of them and no buyers, I would consider shutting down the production line for awhile. I would then take that opertunity for training personel, maintenance and per

    • A possible reason for this is that when Filipinos do reach a stage of "engineering electronics enlightenment" they find greener pastures elsewhere.

      ADI simply cannot offer a salary that would go beyond what outsourcing dictates.

    • "Getting it cheaper" does not mean better, just cheaper.- chargemodel

      Keeping white elephants don't mean better either. "Cheaper" choices usually mean a thought out alternative. Most of the time juniors who assume senior positions eventually learn the ropes.

      I wouldn't equate productivity with time spent in the office. There are just too many variables to include.

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